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Super quick one from me today, as Ive gone and caught myself a summer cold and currently look like Uncle Fester and very much need to go back to my cave, AKA my bed. 
I'm currently surviving solely on Lemsip and Sudafed, so forgive me if this review lacks any sense or purpose.
Im in some kind of sickness fog.

 Anyway, enough of the Woe is me, lets talk about my new mascara find! 
Mascara launches come two a penny nowadays, and don't tend to cause too much excitement in the beauty world anymore, until now! 
Beauty power house, Dior have released their new mascara Pump'N'Volume and perhaps have maybe changed the way mascaras are packaged forever. 
The mascara packaging is as always for Dior, sexy and sophisticated. But instead of the normal hard tube containing the product, Dior have designed a squeezy rubber tube that you pump to activate.


So now instead of pumping your mascara wand in and out of the tube (trapping air back in it as it goes and allowing bacteria to get in, and the air to dry up the product) you just give it a couple of squeezes and Bob's your uncle (or in this case Dior),  you've softened the formula making it as good as new again. 

The mascara itself creates a lot of volume in just a few swipes, so anyone with fine sparse lashes would see great results with it. 
My lashes are curly, but extremely fine (I look like a mole) so this works perfectly on me.
 I would definitely recommend giving this a go at a Dior counter, if you have the same lash concerns as myself. 


Excuse the shit application, I hadnt breathed out of my nose for 48 hours by this point and was on the verge of a full on melt down until the other half presented me with the best gift you could possibly give to a person who is full of the lurgy.
So the above lash has on just one half arsed coat, which is still not bad considering I didnt even try.

My only concerns is the tube is most likely going to get a bit grubby over time, which is a bummer but for the super lashes it gives me I guess I could forgive it. 

Am off to top myself back up with Lemsip, and create a Kate shaped mould in my bed. 

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gym essentials

If you're a frequent reader of my blog (thanks!)  then you would of cottoned on by now, that I'm on a mission to get fit and healthy. 
Which is all very good and well, but the healthier I get the less healthier my bank balances is.
Getting on the fitness wagon has opened up a whole new shopping territory that I never knew existed before. Im stalking insta fit pages for the best fitness advice, I'm obsessing over youtube fit gurus and what products they use.
I am a women possessed.

In my short time of  jumping on this band wagon I like to think I've already found some gym staples, so please let me introduce you to the products you never knew you needed.
Until now...

Yuni Hot Head -

This marvelous little product is quite genius in my opinion. 
While you're busy toning them muscles this product gets busy conditioning your hair. You simply spray on before your workout, and style as you normally would ahead of a sweaty session. As your head gets hotter (from all those squats, you go girl/boy!) and your hair cuticles start to open this little gem starts a work out of its own on them,  helping to moisturise and smooth back down. 
No more frizzy sports hair!

Yuni Flash Bath - 

Another Yuni product here, but since coming across their range I've been on a mission to try everything out.
 This is a quick handy pick me up, if you dont have time for a shower after your workout. You simply spray the foam into your hand and rub where needed. 
It won't replace a shower (lets not be grimey kids) but if you need to run an errand quickly or Tom Hardy suddenly enters your gym then this products got your back. 


Perhaps the most expensive water bottle I have ever purchased. My thoughts were, that if I spent this amount on a water bottle, then I would have to drink more water otherwise I've just wasted money. Im guilt tripping myself. 
This bottle is super cute though, and fits in all my handbags, so I have no excuse to not be drinking my daily water intake. Its also shatter resistant for the klutzes like me. 

Adidas Tubular Shadow -

The Instagram friendly trainer. 
But not only does it look good, but they also feel good.
 I use to have some cheaper trainers that whenever I wore running would make the soles of my feet feel like they were on fire. These however are like little clouds of comfort on your feet.
 Invest in your trainers, it's worth it, and your tootsies will thankyou for it. 

OUAI Dry Shampoo - 

For those mornings/afternoons when you just cant be bothered.
 This is one of the very few dry shampoo foams I find that really works. 
The foam absorbs almost instantly leaving a grease free scalp and your hair smells salon fresh. 
My hair is 70% Ouai dry shampoo and im not even ashamed. 

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It always baffles me, that before we've even reached the height of the Summer sun, the UK highstreet dives straight into a Summer sale. 
I know we dont have the most reliable of weather, but do they really think that we won't feel a slither of UV rays upon our pasty skin? That our pale limbs are destined to never see the light of day?
Before Summer's started most the weather appropriate clothes have been and gone and  been replaced by burnt oranges and burgundies of the Autumn colour style palette, cashmere and sleeves dominate the clothing isles instead of light cottons and navel length tees (not that I'm complaining about that, navel length tees on me will never be a sight for anyone's sore eyes).

I just dont get it.

So if you haven't already started shopping for your 2017 summer wardrobe, now is the time. 
The sales are on people! 
Every moment that passes by is another Summer item leaving the store in some happy shoppers carrier bag and replaced with a Autumn piece by a more than enthusiastic sales assistant who is delighted to be seeing the back of anther sales item.
If youve ever worked in retail you will know exactly what I mean by that last statement.  

This year I've been on the ball with my summer wardrobe spruce up. I've hit the sales online and offline and found some bargains (and full price ones!) that im dead chuffed about. 

Kate 1 - High Street 0

I've put a little widget at the end of the post for your convenience so you can grab a bargain too!



The River Island Beach Dress £30

River Island call this a beach dress, I call this the,
'  I'm-going-to-wear-this-every-day-cause-is-so-goddamn-sexy-dress'. 
I feel like some kind of greek goddess in it with its knee high slit and plunging back.
 This is not for the faint hearted, as wearing a bra with this is a no go, but if you have the confidence go for it, it's a guaranteed head turner.




ASOS Bandeau Playsuit £12.50

A super lightweight playsuit with big colette mid -length trousers for the lazy dressers AKA me.
 I Love to throw on a playsuit like this in the summer as its usually statement enough as it is, so no worrying about accessorising and all that jazz.
 Just a quick easy and simple way to get out and enjoy the sun quicker whilst still looking like youve made a effort.




PUMA exclusive to ASOS £12

So Puma got sexy.
 Yes the sportswear brand PUMA. Sexy! Did I miss the memo?! 
This may be the most perfect casual dress I have ever owned. You can wear it with trainers and not look Lily Allen Circa 2015, but instead some what stylish. 
I'm sure the last time I wore Puma was when I was 7, but I shall definitly be keeping my eyes peeled for this dark horse in the future.



Primark £6

How rude it would of been to have a bargain post and not included the IT playsuit of the moment. Primark are again, knocking it out of the park with their range of six pound playsuits. 
Currently taking over Instagram, these  playsuits are everywhere, in a array of patterns.
 I've already picked up four, just dont tell the other half.

DUNE Navy shoes

Dune Caprice Shoes £24

There's something about navy and white that just does it for me, perhaps it's the association with sailors.... mmmm... 
Yes, so navy may not be the summerist of colours, but when paired with white it gives a great summertime alternative to black. 
So these saucy little chaps will be making their way to the office with me over the summer months.
. The slingback gives your foot stability, and the opening at the front makes for some great shoe air -con. 
These were reduced from eighty quid, to twenty four, so it would of been rude of me not too! 

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Ouai Morning After Kit

The Morning After... I like to assume we've all been there at some point right? You awaken from your wild night out, last nights kebab chips still sharing the bed with you, your drunken attempt to remove clothing which is evident all over the floor like a breadcrumb trail to your hangover doom. 
The brand new shoes that were bought especially for last night ruined with what can only be described as black crap from god knows where all scuffed up the sides. 
And before you can even take a glimpse of your face, (which you know by this point is going to be smeared in makeup because even though you had the best intentions of removing it, your bed just felt sooo comfy and your hands were to busy ramming chips in you your mouth and then it all goes blank from there) you smell an ashtray. 
A ashtray stench protruding from your head courtesy of the jackass that still thought smoking was cool.
 Smoke and club scent have oozed into every single strand of your hair and it is rank.
Birdsnest from hel. 

Hello The Morning After! 

Your quick lazy girl fix to ridding yourself of the night before. I certainly could of done with this little set back in my party years, but at my point of life its taking up a much needed spot in my gym bag.
Bye bye sweat hair! 

Ouai Morning After Kit

Dry Shampoo Foam

I remember using one of these when they first launched a few years ago from a brand that I won't name and it was utter crap. A few years later, and Ouai have released their version which is a hella a lot nicer and a hella lot more pricier. 
However, it does smell pretty amazing though, and if you rub it though your scalp then give a quick blast from the hairdryer, the results are something Jordan AKA Katie Price would be proud of. 
Big, beautiful smelling hair. 

Rose Hair And Body Oil

I wish I could smother my entire body in this oil, its that glorious. It smells like proper roses, not cheap synthetic rose thats simply offending to the nostrils, and its so light weight that it disappears after a few rubs, leaving behind a healthy looking sheen and a scent that would attract honey bees from the next town. 

Finishing Cream 

I have no idea what finishing creams are meant to do. None. I usually apply to much and end up looking like a grease monkey. This product is no exception. I think this may be more for the ladies with thicker hair, as my fine, limp, lank hair immediately passes out from the weight.
Its definitly me using this product wrong I dont doubt. But if anyone has any tips on how to use a finishing cream properly, I would love your forever,

This little set is Limited edition so make sure to check it out while stocks last! 

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I love hearing about other people's skin care routines.

 Whenever I'm around a friends house I always love to have a little nose in their skincare collection just in case they have found the next best thing since sliced bread.

 My own skincare routine though doesn't usually excite me one bit. I like instant results, hence why I love makeup, and that long drawn out routine of constantly using the same product for weeks and weeks bores me. 

However, I've been recently trying out some products recently that have given me those fast results that my little heart so desires and I thought I would sum them up in a post for you, so you can see what my best things since sliced bread are.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye and Advance Night Repair Serum 

estee lauder skin care

Good ole faithful advanced night repair has made its way back into my routine this month, thanks to my free gift with purchase from Boots.
 The Advanced Night repair serum, is the all-rounder good guy that we all know and love. Its an instant dose of hydration for any parched skin with its super shot of hyaluronic acid and a big dollop of antioxidants to help repair the day to day wear and tear to your skin.
The soothing gel like Advance night repair eye cream works wonders for plumping out any fine lines from all that squinting from the sun that I've been doing recently, whilst also helping to brighten and make me look more awake.

If you're new to skincare and not sure where to start, these two products are the step in the right direction.

January Labs Daily Brightening Tonic

january labs daily brightening tonic

My skin has been loving this tonic. Its a fast and gentle way to give your skin a bit of a shuzz up and helps to shift any dead skin cells that might be lingering around on your skin's surface and causing a dullness look to it. 
This also in turn helps to make all your other products (ie serums) work a bit harder for you, as they can just concentrate on your healthy skin cells and not trying to resurrect your old ones.

Sunday Riley Tidal  

sunday riley tidal

A tidal wave (see what I did there....) of moisture for the skin. This is another product that's pumped full of hyaluronic acid.
 So this teamed with advanced night repair is quite simply a match made in moisture heaven.
 This is a super light formula with super hero moisturizing powers, which is perfection for the summer months for people who need the intense moisture of a thick cream, but who don't want to wear a thick layer of it in the summer's sun.


tanl uxe the face

How have I lived my life without tan drops for your face in it?!
 I currently alternate between these and the Crystal Clear ones, as they both have different parts to play in my skincare routine. 
I use the Crystal Clear ones on more of a day to day basis as I find they give me more colour aka, J to the Lo.
 But Tan - Luxe are perfect for adding to your moisturiser when you've had one to many, as not only are they a little bit lighter than the Crystal Clear ones, thus making them more drunk proof to apply, but they give you that lovely subtle glow that's much needed when you wake up looking like death after a red wine drinking session that turned into a cheesy night club and shots with the girls.
 So then all you need to worry about is who's making the bacon sarnies.

L'oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water 

l'oreal hydra genius

The newest to join my skincare routine is this lovely lightweight aloe water from L'oreal that smells delish. 
I've wrote a whole review on this here that you can take a peek at, if you wish but to quickly sum it up, it's rather very lovely. 

Estee Lauder Daywear and Perfectly Clean

estee lauder daywear

I know, more Estee Lauder, but what can I say,  they do some bloody good skin care. 
Daywear is my go to summer time moisturiser, it has clever little beads in the cream that disperse on the skin giving a lovely tint to it.
Perfect for if you don't want to wear base makeup, but aren't yet ready to go completely bare faced. It also contains SPF 15 in it, which is always a win. 

Unlike the January labs toner, Estee's Perfectly Clean has no exfoliating properties to it but instead gives your skin a nice swipe of moisture and refresh.
The PH reset.
 I use this after My exfoliating toner, to help balance my skin back out again. 
Not a complete necessary step, but one that's quite welcome on the hot evenings. 

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel

dr dennis gross alpha beta

On first application of these I was truly scared of what might happen to my face. But low and behold it's still here and it didn't fall off.
This is a super strength exfoliator which I have only really been using when I feel my skins looking dull/congested. 
The first pad does all the exfoliating for you, and then two minutes later you go in with the second pad that hits you with lots of lovely anti aging properties. 
What's great about this product is you can feel it working, my skin literally felt like lots of teeny tiny people were have a disco on my skin. 
Definitely one to give ago, if you are starting to think about tackling fine lines.

Have you you tried any skincare products that have excited you recently?

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