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Hunkmoller Caro_e_leggings

I spend a lot of time in leggings (don't judge!). 
So, finding a good pair of leggings to me, is like a dog finding a bone (fully aware I just referred to myself as a dog, stick with me here). 
Happy days! 

Hunkmoller Caro_e_leggings

I tested out Caro Einhoffs beautiful limited edition range for Hunkemoller this week, taking them through the paces of my dedicated glute workout and I’m please to say they passed the test!

HKMX Blogger Caro_E_ Sports Leggings give firm support to your legs (wobbly bits wobble no more with these babes!)  whilst also retaining your modesty whilst you're squatting, so you can concentrate on getting a butt that will rival J to the LO and not worry about who's copping an eyeful from behind (no VPL up in this joint!).
These leggings certainly give you great support without the restriction, so make sure you snap them out before they sell out and give them a go with some of my favourite glute exercises below.

Hunkmoller Caro_e_leggings

Hunkmoller Caro_e_leggings

Dumbbell Glute Bridge 
 Grab a dumbbell which you feel comfortable with. lay down with your legs bent (feet on the floor). place the weight onto your hips, then  lift your butt to the sky. Sqquuueezzzeeee those butt cheeks together as you do this for mazium booty power.
12 Reps 3 sets

Kettlebell Swings 

The heavier the better with this one. Place the kettlebell on the floor between your feet. Bend your knees slightly, and push your peach out. Grab the kettlebell and swing it out to chest height, using your hips/legs to give it the push. Remember to really squeeze your butt together as you're doing this movement.
12 reps 3 sets

Kick Backs

You need to be on all fours for this one, then lift up a leg until your hamstrings (the back of your thigh) are inline with your back. Your leg should be in a L shape as your doing this, so foot to ceiling. 
10 reps per leg 3 sets

Hunkmoller Caro_e_leggings

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Top - Primark 

Botanics Boots

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." Albert Camus

I've always been quite fascinated by the power of plants. 
These pretty decorative things, that fill our world with scent and colour have been used for centuries ranging from medicinal purposes, to fragrances. Using nature's gift in our skincare is also something we have been doing for years, so when skincare brand Botanics reached out to me and invited me to become a brand ambassador I was delighted. 

Botanics work closely with Kew Gardens to ensure they use the best best plant extracts available. Living so close to Kew Gardens, I've been a regular visitor for years and with their beautiful landscapes Kew Gardens is the - 

"largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world".

 So trusting them with my skincare, is something Im more then happy about. 

You can stock up on your own Botanicals skincare,online or in store at Boots now. The range is already purse friendly, but for even more pennies off you can use my code -

Im super excited to be embarking on this journey with Botanics, as I know they have some great things coming up. 

As well as being natural, Botanics contains no parabens, sulphate surfactants, mineral oils or paraffin waxes. And to top it all off, they don't test on animals. 

summer makeup

Did Summer start? Has it been and gone? Did I sleep through till winter? 

Im trying not to feel too bogged down about the fact that we have quite simply, not had very much of a summer. Perhaps it's just being fashionable late? Either way, I'm holding off on the rustic autumnal tones, and still rooting for the sexy shimmery bronze shades that make you think of sun, sea and sex on the beach (the drink!).

Whilst on the subject of sex on the beach, please ignore my slightly come to bed eyes in the pictures below! 
I was obviously trying to lure the Sun back into our lives...

Seduction of the sun aside. I've been playing around with some new makeup bits, that will be perfect for if the sun does ever decide to come out to play again.

A girl can live in hope. 

summer beauty makeup

Primark Primer Water - 

The find of the Summer! For £2 (TWO POUNDS!!) this actually might be the best bit of makeup kit I own. Ive been drenching my face with this, and then really buffing foundation into the skin, to give it that real 'natural but done' look. 
Not only does my skin look flawless, but it gives such a healthy sheen it. My skin tends to hold foundation fairly well, but with this underneath, my skin looks like my makeup has just been freshly applied. 
Stocking up!

Primark Glow Highlighter Stick -

Primani are really pulling it out the bag in the beauty department right now.
This gorgeous little stick won't give you that full on mega watt highlight, but instead gives a beautiful subtle glossy sheen to the skin, which I'm loving right now. 
If you want something a little bit more natural looking, then this is your girl. 

*Cougar 6 Shade Of Nudes -

This is a perfect little compact of super blendable eyeshadows. All the shades have that lovely warm undertone, making all colour eyes pop. You get 6 shadows in this compact, making it great to travel with. All the shades are shimmer, making follo proof to blend.

Get 20% off this palette and more over at Cougar Beauty using my code CBFEST5

Makeup revolution rose quartz light gradient highlight

Makeup Revolution Rose Quartz Light -

Now I dont wanna start any rumors here, but this looks like a dupe of a certain Kevyn Aucoin Neo Bronzer.... I'll let you investigate for yourselves, but either way this is the perfect 'Ive been out in the sun, now I'm looking a bit healthy' shade.

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One of the hardest things I have found, since starting on my health and fitness journey, has to be giving up my one true love,
Me and chocolate have always had an intense relationship. I keep coming back for more, and chocolate, the perfect partner that it is, keeps welcoming me back with wrapper wide open.

Feeling down Kate? Chocolate is here to cheer you up!  
 Feeling happy? Chocolate is here to make the fun times last!
Fancy some nuts or even fruit? Put some chocolate on it and make it ten times tastier. 

It was happy days, until it started outstaying its welcome on my hips, butt and tum. 

Giving it up has been hard. Hard being a understatement actually. You can often find me gazing loveling down the sweet aisle of any supermarket, for much longer than I would actually care to admit. 

So Ive been on the hunt for a decent equivalent, for myself and for all over chocolate lovers out there. 
Because splitting up with Dairy Milk is something no girl should have to do alone. 

Carb Killa

Grenade Carb Killa

Most protein chocolate bars have that horrible powdery aftertaste, and taste like gone off chocolate bars of old. Grenade have managed to really pull it out the bag with these tasty morsels though. Without a doubt, these are by far the best protein chocolate bar I have ever tasted.
Everyone that I have recommended one to, have also been pleasantly surprised by just how yummy these really are. 
My faves are the White chocolate cookie, and Cookies and Cream, but with ten flavors to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone. 

protein cookies dr zaks

Dr Zaks Protein Cookies 

The Dr Zaks cookies are much more of a cake like snack to me, then a cookie.
They are super soft, with yummy gooey chunks inside that help to curb the cake cravings when they hit with full force (every sunday afternoon for me).
The salted caramel ones in particular are quite the delight.
I did try to save half for my partner to try, but once you start with these you just cant stop.
So you can imagine how that turned out... 

Womans Best Protein Power Cookies

Keeping on the cookie theme, these Womans Best Cookies taste better than some normal full-fat full- sugar cookies I've had pre-diet days (and believe me, I've had a lot!).
 These are much harder then the Dr Zaks version, so they make for the perfect dunking cookie. 
I ordered the Chocolate flavor with my last Womans Best order, and I had the full intention of taking some pretty cookies and milk photographs for the gram.
 But no sooner had I taken them out the box, then they accidently slipped and fell in my mouth.... 

Yum... I mean


Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn

I know, I know, these definitely arent anything like chocolate. 
But my god are they tasty.
 If your craving for the chocolate is strong (we've all been there my friend) and you have no replacment around, then these are the perfect back up.
Stick with me here!
The sweet and salty mix may be one of the most addicting foods I have ever tried. Your be far too busy shoveling them in your mouth (because let's face it, who actually eats popcorn one at a time!) to remember what you wanted in the first place.

Word of warning - don't buy the share packet, buy the multipack, because if you're anything like me, the only thing you will be sharing this pack with, is your other hand so you can get the popcorn into your mouth faster. 

womens best protein cream

Womens Best Protein Cream 

(smothered on rice cakes!)

Rice cakes don't usually float my boat, but when you pair a plain rice cake with one of Womans Bests chocolate protein creams, it takes the rice cake game up to a whole new level of fun. 
The white chocolate is definitely my fave out of the two (plain chocolate being the other flavor) but they both hit the spot for helping fill that Nutella shaped hole in my heart. 

I've heard for totally reliable sources that it is not entirely inappropriate to eat the spread directly out of the jar with a spoon.


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Boi-ing Concealer
I'm just gonna put this out there. I dont love Benefit cosmetics.
I use to as a younger adult, but as the years went by and my overall sense of style and wants changed, the packaging that I once found fun and cool, just started to look a bit young and dare I say it..... tacky. 
Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it at all. But I'm more of a Chanel lover, and Benefit is about as far away (packaging wise) from Chanel as Primark is Whistles.
Its just a personal preference thing. 

However, being the weapon of massive consumption that I am, and the lover of a new product launch. Not even Benefits more youthful-aged-product-packaging could put me off of their newest concealer collection.

Benefits Boi-ing industrial strength concealer was one of the very first high end makeup products I purchased with my own hard earned money. This little pot of magic, covered everything from 'The time of the month' blemishes, to well earned under eye circles from partying hard with my girls (the good ole days...). 
This pot of goodness lasted me years, and I loved it. However as time went on and fine lines (AHH!) naturally developed under my eyes, I found the product was settling into them and making them look a whole lot worse than they were. 
Our time together had to come to a end.
My once knight in pink packaging, had now become the quickest way to age myself by ten years.


Fast forward to now, and my trusty Boi-ing concealer is back in my life, but this time in the form of a much more forgiving consistency. Boi-ing airbrush concealer, offers a lighter coverage to its predecessor Industrial -Strength, but still holds its fantastic capabilities of staying where you originally put it all day. 
This creamy concealer, now sits on my fine lines forgivingly and takes me right back to when I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.  

I'm ready to forgive Benefit and there youthful packaging, I just wish they would up their embarrassing shade range. 

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