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zarely activewear

Working from home has its pros and cons.

Pros -

No Commute
Constant access to food
Working in PJs

Cons -

Actually all of the above are, as pro as they may seem at first, you soon figure out that actually having constant access to your fridge and not getting dressed only means one thing.
Your body 'fills' out, it 'softens' around the edges...

And that is exactly what my body has done.

For someone who was always naturally blessed with a fast metabolism, and very rarely worked out (I say rarely, I mean never) this came as a bit of a shock to me.
I didnt even notice it! It slowly crept up, until one day my Joni Topshop jeans would no longer do up, and I had to admit to myself it was me, Kate, who was the culprit of eating all the pies.

So naturally I panic signed up to the gym.
It did occurred to me though, whilst I was handing over the extortion fee to attend my new fancy smug gym, that it wasn't going to be as simple as just turning up every now and then and pretending to know what I was doing (as I have done every time I've joined a gym before) I was actually going to have to research and take it seriously if I wanted to shift my 'insulation'.

Now I've been working at home for just over a year now, and let me tell you dear reader, you get yourself somewhat stuck in a rut of endless trips to the fridge. Healthy eating flies out the window along with any sense of time,  while Netflix sends out its siren song to you, beckoning you to share some sofa time with your TV and binge watch whatever the latest box set is.
So was I actually going to get off my legging clad arse (because by this point my usual jeans were a workout to get on and I lived in constant fear of the flies flying open in Waitrose) and use this gym membership.
And I have! Its been going really well!

So this has inspired me to hopefully inspire you, with some tips to get your backside in the gym too.

Stalk Instagram -

I spent a absolute age stalking though many a fitness page to find my ideal 'fitness guru', which isn't exactly what you want to be spending your evenings doing, but taking a little time to find someone you can relate to, who maybe has a similar lifestyle to you, or is maybe at the same point of their life as you, can massively help.
Instagram is saturated with fitness models, with the most *sob* outstanding bodies, which although is great to look at occasionally, seeing them on your feed everyday may do the opposite of motivate you and instead send you (me) into a downward spiral of chocolate, Netflix and wine.
Pick your inspiration wisely and make realistic goals.

zarely sports wear

Food -

I am one of those people that live to eat, not eat to live. I love food with all my heart so I knew it was going to possibly be my biggest down fall. Im never going to be one of these people that can live off of chicken and rice, or salad and veg. It would never work for me. But I also know, that there's no point just exercising, you have to change your diet.

 Abs are made in the kitchen after all.

So after much researching (again!) I found the perfect diet* for me, which includes me being able to eat pretty much anything I want as long as I keep to my recommended calorie intake.
I dont want to go into it too much, as I am by no means a nutritionist, but if you want to look up on the diet I am following, just pop in 'If It Fits Your Macros' on Google and it should give you all the relevant information you need.
I've been using the App LifeSum, which has helped me out massively with  keeping my diet on track. Its a bit like My Fitness Pal, but more aesthetically pleasing and it gives you big smiley faces every time your meal is balanced. I gotta get my kicks from somewhere peeps.

Dont Be Afraid-

I hate cardio, so I knew I would be spending a lot of time in the dreaded weight section. I say dreaded as I knew everyone in that section would be able to lift 1000000000000* more weight than me, as I am embarrassingly weak, I mean I cant even do lady push ups weak. The trick is just get in there with a plan, know what you're doing (this is where your instagram stalking comes in handy) and just focus on you. Ive come to realise that most the people in the weight sections are too busy checking out their own muscles then yours.
They really don't give a shit!
Just get in there and do it, I promise you will be fine.

Leggings - Zarely Iana 

*For money off at Zarely use my code - Kateblog

Clothes -

It can be so tempting to buy your gym gear from Primark, cheap and cheerful. And whilst there is absolutely no problem with that (and I have a couple of my own steals from good ole Primani) just definitely try before you buy. See through leggings and ill fitting tops is enough to make anyone feel more self conscious when you enter the gym for the first time.
I was kindly enough sent through some amazing activewear from a brand called Zarely. Their sportswear is cleverly designed with thought out seams and rouches to help create the illusion of your already much sought after body.

A contour for your body
 A clever trick for the eyes

It definitely has helped to make me feel more confident in wearing sportswear to the gym, especially with its added 'bum' protection. So no more see through leggings for me, I can wear my Bridget Jones knickers without anyone knowing!

zarely leggings

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The new bloggers guide ebook

Super quick post from me today, as to be quite frank the sun is currently beaming outside and my freckles are begging me to get out in it.
Slathered in factor 50 though as course, as I burn quicker than paper to a flame. 

Ive compiled all my blogger tip posts into one FREE EBOOK for your convenience, all you need to do it sign up below, and then a fancy system goes about emailing you over the link.

This actually took me a day to work out how to do, as me and tech are a total no no.

If you don't receive the email, make sure to check your junk folder, as Hotmail had a field day with repeatedly sending my test email over to my junk.... 
So if you're new to the blogging world, or just fancy having a look through some tips and tricks then be my guest!

The book is completely free, and is your to download if you wish. 

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L'Oreal Paris moisturiser

Every now and then a product comes around the block, layden with rave reviews from bloggers and youtubers, that I'm just not quite sure about....
Its not usually the products fault in general, perhaps more its PR team so to speak, but its gets so hyped up that I start to doubt its integrity before I've even laid my eyeballs on it. 

Lets set the scene.

Big Youtuber/blogger logs onto InstaStories.

"Hiiiiii guys!!!! Just wanted to show you this new product that I am *OBSESSED with!!!
 I just LOVE.....
(checks label, as isnt quite sure what the product is called)
 *insert product victim of choice here* much!!!!!
I've been using it everyday now for the past month (ahem) and its just such a staple product!"
I just put one itsy pump onto my hand, smooth it over my face and TADA!
 Look at my skin (possibly filtered skin), its all down to this wonder product.
I love it! 

Big YouTuber/Blogger logs off InstaStories and the product mentioned falls into the abyss never to be seen nor mentioned again.

The end.

L'Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Liquid was the victim this time.
I had seen this raved/advertised so much that I wasnt even prepared to give it a chance.

So how am I reviewing it today then, you may ask?

Though the want of spending Boots advantage cards points is your answer dear reader. 
Boots currently has this liquid on offer, reduced from £9.99 to £6.66 and I love nothing more than a Boots offer, especially if im spending my free money/advantage card points.
 And to also be completely honest I was expecting it to be a hella lot more expensive than that, so you can say I was pleasantly surprised. 

So is it worth the hype?

Yes/maybe/no... I've been using this for over a week now, and although it's a nice addition to my skincare routine, I wouldnt say it will become a essential.
The liquid is marketed at you using this instead of your daily moisturiser, and even though I'm using the one recommended for my skin type I'm not sure I would use it as a replacement for my moisturiser as I like to feel properly plumped and borderline shiney.
I have however been using this as a serum, which seems to work better with my skin. Its super liquidy (hence the name!) but absorbs really nicely, leaving your face feeling smooth and fresh. 
 And the smell!
Summer skin, and fresh showers is what it reminds me of. 
The smell alone is actually enough for me to buy it again, so if you're not a fan of scented products avoid this. 

All in all, I'm glad a wasn't put off of trying this as I'm really enjoying using it so far (well as much as you can enjoy putting creams on your face, which for me sadly enough, is a lot. ).

Would I buy it again?

If I can find it on offer when I run out then most likely, but I'm not sure I would spend a tenner on it. 
Unless its Boots points.

*Perhaps the most widely misused word in a Youtubers/bloggers vocabulary?

**Please note: This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own as always. The Links are affiliate links. 
All images are my own or curtesy of feel unique, and prices/offers may vary from those stated online compared to in stores. 

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photography essentials

 When I started out blogging, everyone had the same crap photos (no offense to anyone, and I say crap in a fond sort of  way). But we embraced it, because blogging was about the honest writing.
Fast forward a few years however and photography now plays a major part of the blogging world
 Gone are the days that you could just shoot, click and upload.
Blogging isn't the only platform to of upgraded its photography wants though.

Take Instagram.
 Instagram is no longer just the place for random life snapshots, but is now a place where hundreds of thousands of budding photographers share their talents.

Its competitive. 
Or is it? 

To succeed you need to be the best.
Or do you?

As technology upgrades and cameras become smarter, perhaps it's just us putting pressure on ourselves to keep up. Just because you have a £400 camera, doesnt mean that you suddenly need to be taking Rakin esque type photos on it.
In a saturated market of Insta-famous people, I love to see a raw shot.
I want to see the unedited version of my favorite bloggers life, the slightly out of focus snapshot of your Boots shopping trip.  That sense of realism that unfortunately you dont really get anymore is something that I miss terribly.

Being a blogger nowadays does feel so much harder than it's ever been.
But there is room for everyone, even for those of us who will never quite get that perfect shot.
So heres a couple of tips and equipment recommendations for my fellow crap photographer, perhaps we could do a photography course together?

This handy little things reflects light (ten points for stating the obvious Kate) which means that you can manipulate shadows! It won't completely rid them, but it definitely can help 'reflect' them away.
Also popping a golden reflector (its included in this set) underneath your chin/face gives a lovely golden glow to the skin. 

2 - Small Studio £6.99
Great for if you like to take product shots. The studio is pretty much a box with a bright light in it, so you can be sure to get a bright clean shot, even if its one o'clock in the morning. 

Suffers of blurry pictures, suffer no more! Cameras are so sensitive these days that even the tiniest shake can cause a bit of a out of focus blur. Popping your camera on a tripod will stop this from happening. You wouldn't believe how much clearer your shots can get if you just have a tripod. 
Also great for taking OOTDs. 

Recently I've heard that Instagram favors phone pictures to camera taken ones. Im assuming that they are assuming (and you know what they say about assuming) that camera (proffessional) taken photos are companys advertising. Instagrams algorithm is basically there to entice you to pay to advertise, otherwise it can be a bit hit and miss to who will/will not see your photo.
So with that in mind, I think the above rumor could be true. 
Definitely one to test out and see what the figures/likes tell you.

Tagging brands is also apparently being looked on by Instagram as advertising. So again, same as above. Is tagging brands worth it, if Instagram is penalising it? 
Perhaps another one to test and see. 

Side note; some of the big bloggers/youtubers/instagrammers have their own photographers/picture editors that they don't always think to mention.
So the next time you see a perfect flatlay dont beat yourself up about it. 
Practise makes perfect, or win the lotto and hire someone. 

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Many moon ago I took my Makeup Artistry exams. Too many being ten.
For one exam  I had to to take a model (my best friend) with me, and execute a look on her. Only when starting my exam did I realise I had left my whole bag of lipsticks at home, on the end of my bed, waiting patiently for me to pick them up.
All the blood went straight to my head.
Panic erupted, and if I didnt think on my feet quickly before my tutor realised, then it was going to also be erupting from elsewhere (soz for TMI).
Luckily for me, I had my good ole faithfull Illamasqua cream blushers on me, that I used not only as a blush, but as a lipstick.
Crisis averted and I passed my exams. 

So this got me thinking recently, that as a makeup artist I have to think on my feet and be creative, as you can be a hundred percent sure, at some point in your career, the photographer who wanted "natural makeup darling!" has a change of heart and decides "Glitter darling, think disco ball!"is actually what his camera shaped heart desires, and you just have to quietly cry inside while you smash a iridescent limited edition MAC eyeshadow into smithereens, because when packing for a natural makeup, glitter didn't pass across your mind as a necessity.....

True story *sob*

 I have to think this way, but what about the girl who just likes to play with makeup? 
Brands will have us believe we need approx 100,000 products to create our everyday faces. But the reality is, you really dont.
So here's some of my tips and tricks that hopefully you may find useful too.

1 - Mix lipsticks.

I should really take my own advice with this one, I currently have a rather large stash of lipsticks that am pretty sure will never see the light of day or a lip. You really dont need XXX amounts of lipsticks to have a extensive collection of colours. Pop one colour on your lip, then another and rub. Using basic colour knowledge will help you get some great custom made colours here, ie red + blue = purple etc.

2 Waste not Want not -

When you get to the end of your lipstick tube, scrape out the rest and pop it in a little cosmetic jar like these from Amazon. You get ten and they only cost £2.59. There's always loads of product left at the bottom of a lipstick, so this is a great cost effective way to use it all up, and get all the bang for your buck.

3 - Blushing Lips

Using a cream blusher on the lips is nothing new, but not somthing I see as much anymore. I personally love a matching lip and blush combo, It's very swarve.

4 - Ditto Cheeks

Lipstick on the apples of your cheeks is another great way of making the most of your products. Just pop some on your fingertips and then dab,dab, dab. Just maybe not that beige lipstick... But each to their own!

5 - Mascara Brushes

When your mascaras hit the dust, simple give the brush a very (very) good wash and ta-da, you've got yourself a spooly for keeping them eyebrows under control!

6 - Pinky it

Tape is great for creating a great sharp crisp wing, but when you haven't got time for that or just don't want to ruin your foundation. Create a slight wing and using your little fingers nail, gently pull your nail along the liner. Super simple and quick.

 7 - Everything everywhere

Use bronzer as a eyeshadow, use eyeshadow (think pink) as blusher, Use (clean) lip pencils as eyeliner and eyeliner as lip liner. Makeup really is about having fun and being creative, not just about looking hawt as shit, even though I'm sure you do that pretty well!
 Look at your makeup bag in a whole different light (kinky!) and you could well of found yourself a whole lot more products to play with.

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