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I'm a romantic girl a heart. 

I love to be wooed by my other half with candlelit dinners, flowers with a carefully thought out card, sweet little gestures that suggest you are always on their mind. 

Empress Mimi

Lingerie is at the top of my list for triple boyfriend points. 
Unfortunately for me though, what my other half wants me to wear. and what I would like to wear, is a completely different story. 
He's thinking Moulin Rouge, whilst I'm thinking Bridget Jones Diary. 
Trying to come up with that sweet spot in between for both of us usually involves neither of us being happy.

Empress Mimi

The newest subscription box on the block, however, has taken away this dilemma from me and my nearest and dearest.
The Empress Mimi Lingrie* subscription box is a subscription box like no other. 
This all female-led company will ensure that once a month a brand new gorgeous set of lingerie lands on your doorstep after being carefully chosen for you by one of the lovely ladies themselves over at Empress Mimi. 

The lingerie arrives in the most beautiful packaging, so whether you're buying a subscription for your loved one, or just treating yourself, you can be assured that your gift will be well received. 
With three subscriptions to choose from I don't doubt you be able to find something for you. 
All plans can be paused or stopped anytime, and deliveries & returns are free within the UK so you can treat yourself to a one-off box with full confidence.

With Christmas around the corner, I think these will make the perfect stress free gift for any wife/fiancee/girlfriend be it a one time box, or a subscription. 

Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays even Weddings, Empress Mimi has got you covered. 

Empress Mimi

Choose from - 

The Mermaid Box (3 pairs of underwear every month)
The Siren Box (full set of lacy lingerie every month)
The Empress Box (the luxury lingerie box set with surprise accessories)
Use code - THEMUACHOICE15 for 15% off! 
Head on over to Empress Mimi and treat yourself today! 

*I was kindly gifted this set from the wonderful ladies at Empress Mimi, but all thoughts are my own. The discount code is purely a discount for my readers, with no money being profited by myself, however, 10% of all orders using my discount code will go towards charities helping get more women into coding. For more information on this charity please visit

Fi7ness By Jessica Wright

I was Fitness DVD mad in the 90s. 

Mr Motivator motivated my mornings on GMTV, and yellow lycra cycling shorts were my must-have fashion. Luckily for me (and all people around me that had eyes...) I retired the cycling shorts many moons ago, and fitness DVDs fell off of the radar. 

Until now.

If your a regular reader of my blog, you know that earlier this year I embarked on a fitness journey, and have fully embraced my new lifestyle ever since.


Recently I've hit a bit of a slump with the whole thing. 
I still enjoy working out but trying to find the motivation to get my behind to the gym was becoming a bit of an issue. 

And that's when my motivation in the form of a pink box entered my life.

Fi7ness By Jessica Wright

Fi7ness with Jessica Wright* landed on my doorstep, complete with three (THREE!) workout DVDs, an exercise ball, a resistance tube, a fitness plan poster and nutrition guide. 
Since starting the program I've squatted, kicked and jumping Jacked all over my living room in the name of fitness, and now that I'm coming to the end of phase one, I wanted to share my thoughts on the DVD with you.

So this seven-week plan takes you through three phases, which equals to five thirty minute workouts a week, with two allocated rest days. Heres what a phase one week looks like -

Day one I started with Push Pull which was super easy to follow and incorporated both the fitness ball (which may I add is a workout in itself to pump up!) and the resistance band, which you use over the course of seven moves each a minute a time. 
Then you get what feels to be the quickest minute of your life to recover before you start the routine with both Jess and her personal trainer Esme again.
 I'm quite used to training upper body, but jeez Louise did my muscles throb the next day. 

Day Two was cardio, which I can assure you was utter hell, but in a good way... If there is such a thing??
 I was dreading cardio, as it's not something I often do (I mean at all), due to my complete hate for it. As before, Esme and Jess take you through seven moves for a minute a time, with an even faster minute for recovery, before then starting the cardio torture again. 
I survived though, but I'm sure some of my fat didn't as I sweated more than a pig in a blanket on a hot day.

Day three is Squat Lunge which is by far my favourite workout on the DVD. I love doing lower body workouts, and these seven exercises consisted of a lot of squatting, so you really get a great booty burn.
 And believe me, the next day it was on fire.

Day four is a rest (WOO HOO) day, and then day five Bend Twist is all about getting those abs burning. 
As someone who doesn't do abs, I really struggled with this one, but Esme does give you some great alternatives to do, so you cant unfortunately just sit there and watch them do it instead. 

Which then leads us into our last workout of the week... Cardio. 
I still hate it, but it really does give you the fastest results, and doing it this way is far more enjoyable than spending any time on a running machine what so ever. 

The last day of the week is a much-needed rest day, and then its back to the grind again.

Fi7ness By Jessica Wright

All the workouts are lead by Jessica and her personal trainer Esme, and the girls are fantastic at keeping you motivated, you only have to look at Jess's figure to get them feet moving a little faster. 
Esme also does an Instagram live workout on a Wednesday night, so if you fancy getting in an extra session, or just want to sit on the sofa and watch someone else workout, then make sure to check out the Fi7ness By Jessica Instagram. 
The program is really great, if like me you've lost a bit of motivation to hit the gym, or maybe you're even just starting your fitness journey. 
Following along on social media, and taking part in the chats, really makes you feel part of a community, and gives it that more personal touch, then just staring at a TV screen and fumbling along. 

After phase two, I will be updating my blog, with some progress photos and my thoughts on the phase. But for now, with phase one completion on the horizon, I can honestly say I'm really enjoying it. 

If you want to join along with my fitness journey make sure to follow me over on my Instagram and grab your own Jessica Wright Fi7ness kit here!

*This item was gifted to me, but all thoughts, feeling and sore muscles are my own.

Tips For Being Healthier At Work

My office chair has a Kate shaped bum indent in it. I kid you not… 
Well maybe a little. 
But my buttocks do spend more time resting upon this chair throne, more so than anywhere else.
Whilst sitting upon a said throne, I also have my draw (as I’m sure so many others do) of treats. 
You know the one with the secret stash of Mars Bars and whatever else that you may need in those times of ‘emergencies'. 
It’s fair to say, work is bad for my health (WOO!) so I’ve done some research and tried to put together some tips to help us all beat the temptation of that top drawer, and cox our glutes out of retirement.

Keep hydrated – 

Why is it so hard to remain hydrated?
 We all know we need to drink more water, and sometimes we even have good intentions on doing so, but for some reason, our hands just never seem to find a glass, and the tap never gets turned on.
I definitely think we are all missing a trick here though. 
Getting up for a glass of water not only wastes work time (YAY!) but it also gets the blood pumping back round our legs. So not only are we hydrating ourselves we are also exercising, and no one ever gets told off for getting a glass of water. 


You got to move it move it.

If you’ve taken my advice in tip one then this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.
 Upping your water game, also means your upping your toilet break time, and again, who gets into trouble for using the toilet.
 From just drinking more water, and having to naturally get rid of it means that not only are you keeping active but your also breaking up that long work day.


If however, you have the bladder of an OX, then you could instead try perhaps taking the stairs instead of the lift, or go for a walk to refresh yourself on your lunch break. 
I know when you're at your desk, next to The Draw, it can be hard to find the motivation, but once you're up and moving you won't regret it. 

The Draw.

Don’t panic!
 I'm not taking it away from you. 
But, if like me, your top draw looks more like the inside of Willie Wonkers Chocolate factory, then we need to reassess. 
Without realising it, the contents of my draw were quite frankly, making me fat.
 Eating a Mars Bar, Milky Way and Jaffa Cakes all in one sitting was (although impressive I must say) becoming a seriously bad habit.
Just changing up the contents of your snack draw to something a little bit more healthier will not only improve your concentration at work but is also something your waistband will thank you for.
 Which then leads me on to....

Plan And Prepare - 

Planning and prepping your meals will not only help you to avoid Mr Cafes bacon sarnie for lunch
but will save you some serious cash as well. 
I prep all my meals on a Sunday evening, which I detest doing at the time (I would much rather be laying on the sofa watching back to back Friends) but I'm so grateful for it during the week. 
I promise you now, try meal prepping for one week and your tummy will feel lighter and your purse heavier.

Don’t bite off more then you can chew.

It can be so easy to allow work to get on top of us. 
Deadlines, meetings, working till the early hours. 
Running on empty in this day and age has pretty much become the norm. But you know that old saying of ‘Don’t burn the candle at both ends?’.
Live by it. 
If you push yourself too hard and don’t find the right balance then it will start affecting your health. 
Get to know your limits.

primark halloween makeup

October is here, which means one thing to me,


I remember the days as a child being so excited to dress up and trick or treat, and then as a teenager because it usually meant dressing up in something provocative and hitting the town. 
These days though, it gives me a chance to create something horrible and gruesome with some special effects makeup. 

Primark has released their Halloween makeup range, and for the little bits that I managed to grab, I'm thoroughly impressed!

primark halloween makeup

The three crayon face paints are seriously creamy and blend beautifully, giving you the ease to be able to make an extravagant doodle on your face or a more intricate design. You don't get a massive amount of product in them, but for three pounds I'm not complaining.

The ghost contour leaves a little to be desired with the white side, but the black powder is hella pigmented. It's best to only use a little on this with a light hand, as it's not the best at blending out. 

primark halloween makeup

The fierce Feline Face Gems require a lot of patience, much more then what I had!
But if you don't fancy having to scrub off lots of face paint at the end of the night, then these will be perfect. 
Beauty basics

Basic is not a word that I would use to describe my beauty routine. I like to play around with makeup, mix foundations together, and layer products up to create my own perfect base. It may be over the top for some, but for me, it’s fun and I love nothing more than trying new and exciting stuff.
But as exciting as new is, sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. We all have our essential everyday beauty products that sometimes get overlooked because they are no longer ‘new’ but it's these products that need to be raved about a little more, because nine times out of ten, they are anything but basic.


laura mercier primer

The start of the story. Priming your skin is where the beginning of the story is for beautiful skin. We wouldn’t just go in and start painting a naked wall before priming it, so why should we apply our foundation straight to naked skin before priming?
 Priming will not only prepare your skin so you can apply your foundation more flawlessly, but it helps to even out the skin tone and give your foundation something to hold onto all day, instead of your skincare.
Laura Mercier's Foundation Primers for me will always be at the top of their game. Coming in seven different formulas she caters for all.
 Radiance, Oil-Free, Hydrating, Blemish-Less, SPF 30, Radiance Bronze and my personal favorite and the original, Foundation Primer.

Shop The Laura Mercier Collection 


ysl lipstick

Nude lipsticks definitely had their moment last year, with every beauty brand releasing their huge ranges of nude lip colors it all felt a bit over saturated and a bit done.
 But one color I cannot help myself from going back to each time is the YSL Beige Tribute.
The formulation has a beautiful satin finish to it and is gorgeously creamy to apply and it also has the added benefit of SPF 15 added to it. 
This color instantly freshens up even the most sallow of complexions, whilst also being one of the easiest to wear.
Mine has been well worn and loved, but even now (with its slightly tarnished packaging) I get a thrill from pulling it out of my handbag.  

Shop YSL NO 10

Rimmel London 005 Nude

rimmel London nude eyeliner

Staring at a computer screen for an obscene amount of hours a day causes strain on our eyes, then we leave the computer screen to stare at out phone screens creating more stress for our eyes. 
All this eyeball stress causes the not so attractive ‘Red Eye’. 
Apart from making sure that I take regular breaks from my computer screen, I’ve been popping in Rimmel Nude eye pencil to my waterline to create a brighter wide-eyed look.
Less stark than a white eyeliner, a nude creates the illusion of a brighter eye without the harshness of white. 
Any nude eyeliner will do the job but this Rimmel one has been in my collection for years and is super affordable and creamy.


Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar And Glow

charlotte tilbury filmstar and glow

Two in ones don’t usually rock my world, but this sculpt and highlight duo certainly has.
 On one side is a bronzer, that when dusted around the high tops of your face, gives you the most glowy sun-kissed look and when paired with the subtle yet buildable highlight from the right side of the palette you create a glow that not even Kim K could rival.
Everything about this product, from the formulation to the packaging is utterly divine.
 This has become a staple part of my makeup routine, and I cannot see that changing in the fore coming future.


Eve Lom Kiss Mix

eve lom kiss mix

Our lips often get overlooked. 
Whilst we have a ten-care step routine for your face and eyes, the delicate skin of the lips is often forgotten.Yet if someone has dried cracked lips we notice, it's hard not to. Just adding that extra little step into your routine can help us avoid from ever being caught out in that situation.

The Eve Lom lip mix, maybe a little on the pricey side for a lip balm, but by spending that much it has forced me to use it, which in turn works out great for my lips. 
Kiss Mix has a lovely minty taste to it and leaves the lips hydrated and not over glossy like certain other brands. 

shop eve lom kiss mix

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