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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Eco Tan Classic Spray

 I first found it on QVC about 8 years ago, it immediately became my favourite self tan product. What makes this different from the others is that the colour is gradual, it develops over 8 hours and you achieve a very natural looking tan.
I don't think any at home tan is foolproof and have made mistakes with EcoTan in the past  (normally because I'm rushing) but the technique you use to apply this product (as with any) does make the difference on weather you get a streak free tan or not.
Its so easy to apply and mess free, once its dry it doesn't transfer on to clothes, bedding etc...
The spray is clear and once you have applied it to the areas you want to tan, you apply your normal moisturiser immediately after  (I use long blending strokes, then wash my hands). I tend to put it on in the evening, in case you have made any mistakes they will show by the morning and you have a chance to correct it.

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