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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Pale Princess? or Bronzed Goddess?

The sun has definitely got his hat on in England! Temps are soaring and pasty people around the country are cracking out the fake tan, Including me! I’m naturally very fair and as beautiful as this is in the winter months come the summer I start to feel like the snow queen herself. I HATE fake tanning, it takes to much time and is to high maintenance for me, but needs must and I don’t fancy looking like I’ve stepped outta a winter wonderland!.
So Here’s my step by step guide to achieving a golden glow (sometimes a streaky mess also!).

Step 1- EXFOLIATE!! Its boring yes, but for a even all over glow it needs doing. Indulge a little with what exfoliate you choose, your feel more motivated to using it. I exfoliate three times a week, and make sure I exfoliate the night before I choose to tan. Try to pick a scrub that doesn’t leave a film on your skin as the tan will slip and slid around on top of it and leave you looking like a road map. I apply it from head to toe with exfoliate mitts that cost practically nothing from Superdrug.

Budget- Soap and glory Flake away body scrub 300ml Boots, £6.64
 Indulge- Bliss Lemon and Sage body scrub 340g ASOS, £20

Step 2- TAN- I have always been a user of Xen Tan, it smells good (vanilla?) and the colour is the most natural I can find. Apply all over, really working it in. Be more sparse around your drier areas (i.e. elbows, knees) and don’t forget anywhere! The longer you can spend on applying the better, the payoff will be worth it, I promise! Allow to dry before doing anything!

Budget- Don’t! You really do get what you pay for, so unfortunately getting a cheaper brand is a risk.
Indulge- Xen Tan dark lotion 236 ml, £19.30 salon skincare.co.uk

Cheat step two? Of course! Instant tan. These make applying tan a LOT easier. Most the time they are coloured so you can see where you are Appling them, and they show immediately allowing you to avoid streakiness! So apply, wait five minutes, rush out door for hot date! Unfortunately the catch with these is most the time they are a wash off tan, so no long lasting results, and they are a bugger for getting off your hands. So remember to wash hands immediately to avoid tell tale signs!

Budget- Rimmel sun shimmer 125ml, £5.99 Boots (currently on 3 for two!)
Indulge- Clinique body tinted lotion 125ml, £16 Boots
Maintaining. Keep your skin moisturized and exfoliate three times a week Tans can be very drying so if you don’t keep on top of the moisture levels in your skin, it will dry up and flake, YUCK!
Don’t forget to change your make up, what looked good on a pale princess may not look good on a tan goddess. SUN BLOCK! Even though your skin is now beautifully tanned it is not protected! SPF it up! Its skin insurance and really is a must.
Good luck!
Kate xx

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