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Monday, 18 April 2011

Sleek Palettes

Hi girlys, so today (and the past two years!) I’m loving Sleek Make up, I’m guessing you have all heard of Sleek, and if you haven’t, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?
Sleek Makeup is a really affordable range that is stocked in Superdrug, and true to their name themselves they are divine! With the added bonus of being Mineral based. Kind to your skin and cheap as chips. WOO!

Ill start with my absolute fave the Storm Palette. This palette consists of 12 of the most wearable colours in the Sleek eye make up palettes. It contains three matt colours (a light brown, a darker brown, and a black) which I use for my just about there if you look extremely carefully eyebrows. Mix the colours together to create your eyebrow shade and bingo, perfect eyebrow colour
The other nine colours are a mixture of dark blues, browns, pinkie browns, and two gold’s which are excellent highlighters. These are all shot though with good amount of shimmer, but are still wearable for daytime use. AMAZING, and as you can tell from the gaping holes in some of the colours, my most reach for palette.

The next is the Chaos palette. These are all matt colours and consist of some greens, blues, browns and a yellow, pink, red and white. The browns in the top right hand of the palette can be mixed together to make pretty much any eyebrow colour. This is also top beauty guru Pixiwoos choice of make up palette in many of her videos.

We come to the Bohemian palette…. Beautiful, just beautiful. I stumbled across this palette in my local Superdrug and immediately found myself grasping it and floating to the till to purchase my new hypnotic palette. This is my second fave Sleek palette, and it contains three iridescent shadows and nine matt.

The Primer Palette contains base eye gels for all your Sleek make up palettes. Wear these underneath your eye shadow to make the colour even more intense and guarantee the shadow stays stuck in place all day. Can be worn on there own, if you want a wash of colour over your lid.

I feel like I should've done this one first now but better late than never is the Original palette. This palette contains my most used greeny (is that a word?) colours. A lovely day to evening time palette. Definitely a makeup kit essential.

Sunset, these colours truly do remind me of a sunset, not the most wearable colours BUT when boredom kicks in on a Wednesday night you can have some real fun with this palette. Yes this is what I do when I have nothing better to do.

Last but not at all least, is the brightest and funest (I’ve made up another word haven’t I!) palette from the range (so far) Acid. Fun, fun, FUN! See my point?
These palettes are an absolute bargain at around the price of £6. The longevity of them is not amazing, but for the price you're paying we really cant moan. They are highly pigmented , and in my opinion the best thing on the high street. When you can't afford M.A.C but need a make up fix, pop along to Superdrug and indulge yourself. They really are worth it.

Sleek i-divine Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette


  1. ah jealous! I've literally brought just one and thats the storm and its already becoming my favourite eyeshadows!!

  2. Just noticed your giveaway, My favourite sleek product has to be the humble storm, it is so veristle and ive only had it a few days and love it already!The highlight and neutrals are gorgeous too. But you can really go from day to night with like a flick of black or dark blue!!

    thanks for amazing giveaways!!



  3. kateee! let's see if this works now hahah. I think they can be delivered internationally theyre only 10$ woooo! I'll make my bf order me the storm pallette -Gina

  4. Cool giveaway, I think I like the bohemian pallette the best!

  5. I have to say I love the Sleek Original Palette...it's just up my street! :) I love the mix of bronze, blue, purple and green! It's an overall fab palette! :D x

  6. I love the bohemian palette! It definitely contains a lot of my most used shadows and I'm in desperate need of a new one but my local Superdrug never has any! How annoying!!

    Really like your blog Kate :)

    Lauren xoxo


  7. Hey!! I'd say the Original Palette is my favourite!! Loving the blog!! x x

    Emma x x


  8. I love the look of them all, but the Storm Palette looks amazing.

    I've never tried them though as they aren't available in the Republic of Ireland and I haven't mananged a trip to Belfast yet.

  9. I think they're all great and can't wait to get my hands as many of these palettes as possible, but the Bohemian one's green and purple shadows are just calling my name :)

  10. Thanks for your comments ladies! this is now closed and this winner is Lauren :) Thanks for all entering, check out my Barry M comp for another chance to win.
    kate xx


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