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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Tresemme Instant Refresh waterless foam shampoo

So girls, I’m not gonna lie, I’m pants with my hair. I grab what’s ever on offer in Boots and that’s it. I have no routine (apart from trying not to wash it to often, but I’m beginning to think that’s just because I’m lazy!), no miracle products I swear by, and am the last person to ever go to for hair advice. So with this all in mind lets continue the review… !
Round about two years ago, I spotted a hairdressing friend of mind spraying what I thought at the time was deogrunt in her hair. EWW! I watched her flipping her hair upside down and applying the ‘deodorant’ all over her hair, she then massaged it in and flipped her hair back to reveal what I can only describe as a lions mane. WOW, I have always wondered if miracles are true, and here standing before me was just that!

So yes, you may have guess, the deodorant was actually dry hair shampoo. I’m amazed that it hadn’t been invented before and even more amazed its taken me two years after lion mane to get round to trying it.
Tresemme Instant Refresh waterless foam shampoo has been the dry shampoo to take my hair cherry, and now its love. How did I cope before with out it!?
It contains Aloe Vera, and ‘revitalises your hair by removing oil, impurities, and smells whilst moisturising dry lengths and ends’.
The shampoo itself is not actually dry, and its not a spray either. It’s a pump action foam. Two pumps of this little beauty is all you need, which then you massage into your roots working down though the hair. You’re then meant to blow-dry or towel dry, which is a little bit of a pain in the bum, but a darn sight easier then washing and drying your hair. My hair did indeed look and smell a hell of a lot better, BUT be careful I applied to much at first and my hair resembled a mop. A little goes a long way and its better to start off with less.
My hair loves me again, it smells nice again, and it looks nice again, I love you Tresemme, you have allowed me to continue to be a sloth like creature but now with good hair.
Love Kate xx

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