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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Orofluido Beauty Elixir Review

My hair is the least of my worries… skin, makeup, nails all come before my hair, terrible isn’t it! My hair is really short and I’m currently growing it out, so it never looks good!
I do though use the Orofluido hair oil on it which keeps my hair looking shiny and smelling nice. My hair has a natural frizz to it, so this product is my life saver. I use this oil like it's part of my day to day life, which Is why I haven’t mentioned it before, it's one of them ‘can't live without products’ but that you get so use to using, you forget how brilliant it really is.
So on to the amazing oil, the packaging is so beautiful (I'm a sucker for a pretty bottle!), the bottle is tall and sleek, with a beautiful flower like design surrounding the name.

The oil itself is made up of three organic oils, which your hair will just drink up. And it smells absolutely divine! Like a cross between vanilla and flowers. You can use this on any hair type and you can pop it onto dry or wet hair. I find putting it on dry hair gives you a greater result as wet hair will dilute any product. BUT it does claim to cut hair drying time by up to 20% if you're blow drying your hair. I don't blow dry my hair so I can't say if this is true or not. 
Now I know everyone is loving Moroccan oil BUT this has the same oil as the Moroccan oil (Argan oil) has in it, but this has the advantage of being organic and having two other oils including in it. No chemicals, just nature. The other two oils included are Linseed oil and Cyperus oil (which is claimed to be used by the great Cleopatra herself! If it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me!).

Cyperus Oil from Egypt softens hair and adds brilliant shine.
Linseed Oil from the Mediterranean seals in hair moisture and protects from humidity, smoothes hair follicles and glosses the hair.
Argan Oil from Morocco improves the hair
s elasticity, is rich in vitamin E and soothes itchy scalps. 
I love this product so much, it leaves my hair soft, shiny and best of all smelling amazing.  


  1. That stuff sounds awesome!! I've retweeted :)

  2. i'm super interested!! there's no chemicals at all!? i'm always on the lookout for natural products (especially no silicone...bad for my curls!)


  3. Ooh what a fantastic product I'll try anything for silky locks

  4. This product sounds great! I've retweeted too @LouiseHartrey x

  5. bit up for this product@aptgirl

  6. That sounds absolutely fab my hair always looks dull so this sounds like it will do the job just tweeted @5aucy5aud3r5

  7. Wow. I need this product in my life!

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  8. sounds amazing but I have never heard of it prior to today would love to try.@chillijamx

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    Appears to be new,up beat and amazing

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    New,upbeat product,looks and reads amazingly

  11. Would love to try anything to tame my wild frizzy hair. Have tweeted @FlorrieFloyd.


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