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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Colordisiac Lipsticks

So as you all know I have been loving Avon this month, a bit to much... I blame my friend, she got me into Avon and now there is no turning back! Obsessed.
Avon have these amazing lipsticks called (deep breath!) Ultra colour Rich Colourdisiac lipstick (phew!).
The whole range is sexy, yep sexy. The names ( Red hot lips, Temptress), the stunning pictures, and the smell! Its described as a seductive scent with hints of Vanilla and (sexy word alert!) SUCCULENT fruit. I'm not sure about the vanilla part but they are definitely sweet, kinda like Britney Spears perfume in a lipstick sweet.
Most the colours are dark and rich, but my favorite ones are actually the lighter ones. They all are very comfy to wear with a slight sheen to them.
If your a fan of dark colours then this is definitely the range for you, or if your a fan of lighter colours Definitely check out, Cant Resist Coral, Red hot lips, Flirty Fuchsia and Satin Sheets.

From Bottom upwards-
Drawn to you
Alluring Brown
Sultry Bronze
Ravishing Red
Rose Addiction
Red Hot Lips
Flirty Fuchsia
Satin Sheets

And me posing badly in my favorite Flirty Fuchsia

The packaging is nothing exciting but they are much better looking then some of the cheaper brands out there.
All in all a fiver well spent!
Love Kate xx


  1. Such a pretty colour and really suits you! The only thing I find with avon is some products whether foundation/eyeshadow or lip they are all the same shades. EG. One of their foundations are basically all dark, however one of their other's are quite light. Its really odd

  2. I love Avon too, I've actually just ordered one of these lipsticks in Can't Resist Coral, can't wait for it to arrive!
    Leah xxx

  3. Thanks Lisa, I find Avon shading rather odd to! I tend to steer clear of their face stuff now though as i had a reaction to it. :/

    Cant resist coral is one of my faves! I broke mine though hense why it isnt on here! Such a pretty summery colour though!
    Kate xx

  4. Oo these looks gorgeous. :D I am trying to get over my obsession with Avon, am in love with their lip tint, and Glazeware lipgloss. I have seen this lipstick around, might go and check it out :D since they have a promotion now!



  5. that photo is so amazing !
    i'm from poland , please come to my blog :)


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