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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Excuse me John Frieda....

Box dyes, do we, don't we?

With hairdressers costing us a arm, a leg and a month's pay check for a change of  hair colour, most of us are turning to DIY hair colourants. With me being no exception of course!
I sit here typing to you whilst dying my hair a 'natural ash blonde' or in other words 'a colour my hair may chose'.
I've always dyed my hair, in fact I don't even know my hair's natural colour anymore! And box dyes have always been my choice, Boots always lures me in with their three for two offers and the dyes which promise me 'layers of rich tones blah blah blah'. But never once have I got it right. In fact black is the only colour I can guarantee will look the same on my hair as it does on  the box.

So my choice of colourant this weekend was John  Frieda Precision Foam Colour. It promised to deliver salon-quality results, vibrant shine, and all over coverage. It may as well promised to deliver unicorns with bows on top.

 It did nothing!

Extra Light NATURAL Blonde.... HA! The only good thing about this dye was the conditioner, it smelled lovely. It really made no difference that it was a foam, it didn't make it any easier to rub in, and it certainly didn't show better results for it. I have never been lucky with John Frieda products, so why I thought this may work for me is beyond me.
So perhaps it's just me, perhaps I didn't follow the instructions properly.... or so John Frieda customer services will have me believe. But what I do know is, whilst sitting here with my Nice and Easy box dye upon my head in ash blonde I can already see results.

Maybe the lesson with box dyes is try to find the right one for you, or avoid at all costs. But with all the offers on them Right now, I can see how temptation may take over.

 Hello green hair.

More Box Dye Results below


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  1. I used to box dye my hair with Garnier Nutresse (sp?) in a very light blonde and I always had good results with them. I think you just have to try a variety until you find one that works for you :)


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