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Monday, 12 November 2012

My Makeup Bag

We’ve all been there, caught out round a mates house with no make up on by her fit older brother, or the ultimate embarrassment, ‘The Walk of Shame’ first thing in the morning with last nights make up on (I try not to make a habit out of the last one). So as vain as it may sound I will never leave the house with out my ‘emergency make up bag’ for all those ‘just in case’ moments. So I thought I would share with you all my saviour products as they have quite literally saved my face at times.
First up is mascara. I couldn’t/wouldn’t live with out mine, so I will always have at least 5 on my person. In my emergency kit I have a teeny tiny Clinque mascara. This is one of the free ones you get from handing in your own old mascara at the Clinique counter in boots and is the perfect size for your emergency kit.

Nars Oragasm Blush, one of my most adored blushers, this suits all skin tones. If you haven’t yet come in to contact with this amazing blusher, then get out from under your rock and straight down to your nearest Nars counter! My one here, is a tiny size as was my birthday present from Space NK (if you haven’t signed up with their loyalty scheme DO IT, its free to sign up and you get a amazing birthday present from them each year). Perfect size for the emergency kit.

Burts Bees lip Balm, I have defeated the powers that be and have managed to keep hold of a lip balm for more then six months! Hugely shocking as it usually takes me approximately two/three weeks to lose a lip balm. This is a great little lip balm, light but very moisturising, a hand bag essential!

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil in Oil Slick is a great little pencil to hang around your make up bag. I tend to smudge this all around my eyes to give me that Kate Moss/Rock star look. Simple but effective eye make up. Always team it with clumpy lashes.

And last but not least my lips, because I applied rock star make up round the eyes I like to keep it lighter on the lips, and when your pressed for time (ie with your emergency make up kit in a toilet cubical) a lighter lip is a lot less messy to apply then a dark lip. Enter, Barry M Lip gloss in 11. Such a pretty easy colour to wear and smells amazing (kissable!). As I like to have a choice of colours, I also have my Chanel lip gloss in 68, now as far as I am concerned a lip gloss is a lip gloss, they stay on your lips for roughly 20 minutes, and will always find a way to attach some of your hair to your lip, sexy! So when I brought this lip gloss, it really was to entertain the inner snob in me. I’m a sucker for packaging!

Also in my emergency kit is a hair band, and Kirby grip, you will thank the heavens you have these when your hair has decided to take on a life of its own and is currently doing its own thing, think of them as a leash and collar for your hair!
What do you lovelies keep in your ‘emergency make up kits’?
Kate xx



  1. Your bag is so cute! I also have mascara and lipgloss in my kit. I have a little stick concealer (cuz I get dark circles:( ) some lipsticks and a brow pencil.

    1. I should really pop a concealer I to mine to, I don't know why I haven't thought of that before! School boy error. x


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