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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Ojon Damage Repair

So as you all may of guessed by now, I am on the look out for a wonder product to save my barnet. My hair is bleach blonde and extremely dry and brittle. I hate my hair being in this condition and I will not stop until I find the ultimate product to breath life back into it!
I’ve heard a lot of things about Ojon before and was a tad bit excited when my local boots got there very own Ojon stand!
Ojon are a completely natural brand with no nasty chemicals and oils and claim to be able to help transform your hair from whatever damage its currently in. Well they sure have their work cut out with my hair!
After explaining my long and rather dramatic story of the death of my hair to the very lovely Ojon lady, she recommended I try the Damage Reverse Hair Repair Treatment which is recommended for dry to very dry hair. Now ladies and gents I’m not going to sugar coat this, this is a rather expensive product (£32.50) but I’m at my wits end with my hair and am one step away from pulling a Britney I keep threatening myself with!
So to cut I long story short I got it, and boy am I glad I did! I LOVE IT!

The product itself is a hard balm like substance
 until you rub it between your hands, upon doing that it turns into a luxurious thick serum, the packaging recommends Applying the serum to your dry hair for twenty minutes prior to washing, or for extremely dry hair to leave it on over night. Due to my hair being so hopeless I decided to leave the treatment on overnight.

*A warning to all non instruction readers like me, I woke up the next morning with a lovely looking yellow substance all over my pillow, which was caused by my treatment, if I had read the instructions, I would have read the bit about, protecting your pillow case with a old towel…. Well you live and learn I guess!*
Whilst washing my hair the next morning I could already feel how silky smooth it was already. And the smell… wow, it reminds me of a rich nutty warm smell, beautiful. My hair felt a lot better after just one treatment, and is now part of my hair routine.
For any of you lovelies out there with hopeless hair like me, I would definitely recommend giving this product a look, it may just of saved my hair life.
Have you guys tried any Ojon products? I cant wait to try the rest of the range, recommendations would be much appreciated.

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Shampoo 250ml

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  1. I think I wanna try out this one. I have been having problems with my hair. It looks so dry and dull. I hope this is the one that I am looking for.

  2. Ive heard lots about the dry recovery range but not the damage repair. I need something to put a bit more silkiness into it. Great review :)

    1. Thanks :) it really is a great range, my hairs alive again! x


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