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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Face Chocolate

Today I went on one of my many missions around Primark, and as always whilst queueing up I was sucked into the cleverly placed goodies dotted along the till point (sucker!). I'm a frequent user of Montagne Jennesse face masks purely because of my automatic reflex to grab everything along the queue point, and this time was no different. Montagne have released a new mask, which is self heating and describe as being chocolate orange, in other words Terry's chocolate orange for your face, YUM!

This mask contains Mediterranean clay which is meant to cleanse dirt and oil from deep inside the pores, or so they say. And the rich dark chocolate (dribble) and orange oil (killing me here) will leave your skin soft and refreshed. My pores aren't particularly dirty, but my skin is dry so I'm hoping this will leave my skin feeling more silk like.
First up your advise to cleanse then apply the mask and chill out for 15 minutes.

On first sniff I instantly craved chocolate orange, it smells so good, that I almost wanted to lick it off of my face (apparently they advise against this) and it feels warm but not uncomfortably warm as I massage it in, a little really does go a long way and I'm sure I can get another use or two out of the packet.

Results- I must confess I never expect much from cheaper face masks but I'm quite impressed with this one, usually after removing a mask my skin can look quite agitated and red, but to my surprise Im sporting more of a pink glow then a full on tomato face and my skin does feel squeaky clean. My face is feeling just I tiny bit under moisturised but that's nothing a bit of face cream can't banish.

All in all for 90p (in Primark) I'm fairly impressed, but next time I will be armed with a Terry's chocolate orange so my cravings don't go into overdrive!

Kate xx



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