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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Seven days of lushness

Aren't baths one of life's most indulgent little luxuries. They melt away stress and soak off the day. I'm a bathoholic, truly obsessed. There's nothing more I love to do then run a bath, light some candles and let all my worries wash away into the water. So with that in mind I decided to test out lush bath bombs. Now I'm no stranger to lush, we have a ongoing love/hate relationship some products I love some I loathe. Mainly the bath bombs, I can never seem to find one that does it all for me. Which is why I've chosen to pick out 7 bath bombs from lush and try them out, my quest being to find a bath bomb that smells like heaven, foams up like Clouds and leaves my skin feeling like a angel has touched it.
So with out further ado, let my introduce you to bath one.

Pop In The bath
Instructions- crumble the bar under the hot running tap, let the water make huge piles of bubbles- then you think, you wink, you do a double blink, you close your eyes. An jump in.
(Loving the Mary Poppings, Dick van Dyke reference,)

The bomb had a lovely subtle soapy, flowary, happy smell to it, and the design is uber cute.
I crumbled it easily into my bath and was delighted to return to a bath full of bubbles, and green water.

After sadly getting our my beloved bath I inspected my skin and was delighted to find the lovely scent had attached itself to my body, unfortunately my skin just isn't as soft as I know it can be (previous lush products have worked better).
This lovely little bath bar is great for bubbles and smell. But if your looking for something deeply moisturising I would avoid.

£2.90 each
Onto the the next....
Kate xx


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    1. I know, all off Lushs stuff is like that. I feel like im commiting some terrible crime to cutness everytime i pop one in the bath!

  2. Wonderful!! Following you!!



    1. Thank you :) popping across to yours now x


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