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Sunday, 12 April 2015

How to perfect your base tips

For me the perfect base is everything. The skin on your face is one of the first things other people will see when they talk to you. Having problematic skin can cause such a knock on your confidence that it is always my pleasure to teach people how they can improve the look of their skin with make up.

Saying that all skin is beautiful, no matter what you have going on with it and some times embracing our problems can be just as beautiful. 

So how to get the perfect base?

1/ Know your skin type. If you are putting a oily foundation onto oily skin, or a matte foundation onto a matte skin its just not going to give you the pay off you want. Know your skin type.

2/ Prime, Primers are that little wedge between moisturize and foundation. They are not always needed, but if you are oily skin or if you are lucky enough to be somewhere warm then I would suggest using one. 
Dont think because you have dry skin that you cant/shouldn't prime, there is a lot of great primers out there with added radiance in them, Ii would suggest using these. 

3/ Know your base, Daytime opt for a lighter foundation or a BB cream etc, and for evening you can go a bit heavier. The pictures that I post on Instagram are full coverage. And believe me in real life I look caked on! Cameras bleach out color so when im working on a client or myself I have to really pack on the make up to try and counteract the cameras effects. 

4/ Tools, applying your foundation with a flat brush will give you a lot more of a full on coverage, using a buffing brush will give you a more of a medium coverage and using your hands will give a light coverage, How you apply your foundation has a major effect on the product. 

5/ Color correction. color correcting is quite easy when you know how. Green will block out any redness and pink will block out sallowness. If I have a client with a red spot I will cover the spot gently with a green concealer and then press the foundation over the top.

6/ Powders. Powders are a great way to set everything and I find to be so underrated, Even a dry skin can benefit from a small dusting of powder. Powder can come in different coverage as well so bare that in mind. If you have a oily skin powder your t zone and a dry skin i tend to powder everywhere that is not the t zone. A little glow is the sign of youth so embrace it. 

Hope some of these have been helpful :)


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