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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Do you need to prime?


Make up brands are always looking for the next new beauty product that we can’t live without. The market is saturated with brands claim we can’t live without their new product. Primers are definitely not a new thing, and I’m sure we are all well aware of them, but just how necessary is it to prime our face?

Most primers claim to provide a good base for your foundation by smoothing the skins texture and prepping the skin for its next step. I do believe that in some cases this is true, say you have a primer that’s oil free, we know that it will help control oil on your face, hydrating primers add a bit more moisture to a dry skin, some have green tints in them to counteract redness which again works or a radiance primer that adds glow to a dull skin, etc etc.

So yes I do believe that a primer can help create a good base if you find the correct one for your skin type.

Claim two. Your primer will help your foundation last for longer… Well I do see some logic to this. When a foundation breaks up on your face during the day this is usually caused by dehydrated skin trying to suck moisture out of the makeup or oils from your face breaking down the base. So I assume the primer acts as a barrier providing its either adding moisture to your face or keeping oils at bay.

I think there is a place for primers in your make up bag if you have a skin type that could benefit from some extra assistance, but is it a complete necessary to own one? No. If you can afford it the yes go ahead but if you find your skin keeps makeup on well then just do you.



  1. I never used to use primer and I do notice a difference to my makeup now that I do - but I think the most important thing for the longevity of my foundation is a good setting spray! Couldn't be without one now :)

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk xx

    1. I do love a god setting spray myself to! x


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