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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Highlighters In My Makeup Bag

I  love the highlighted look. I guess as I get older in my years I associate highlight with youth. That lovely glowly dewy skin just radiates health. As we mature (isn't that a nice way of saying age!) our skin does lose some of that radiant glow *sob*, so I am always on the constant look out for a product that gives me back my youthful glow.
So here is a list of my three most reached for highlighters/youth activators right now in order of facial

Laura Mercier Highlight 01
1- Laura  Mercier HIGHLIGHT 01, my everyday highlight. This is more of a subtle glow but still looks beautiful when it hits the light. Its slightly peach coloured, so on a dark skin tone it sometimes can look a bit ashy, but anyone with a fairer skin it looks awesome on.

2 - Bobbi Brown Pink Glow - This highlight/ blush hybrid is simply beautiful. It gives a pinky healthy glow with just the right amount of sheen This immediately make the skin appear perkier and is a great 'I'm in a rush but look like I'm a extra from The Walking Dead' go to.

Bobbi Brown Highlight

3 - My sweetheart.... MAC Soft and Gentle... People need sunglasses to view your face with this majestic highlight lighting it up so you shin brighter then REMS Shiny Happy People. I wish I could wear this all over my body but I fear my friends may think I'm attempting to look like a Cullen (sorry but not sorry, I was team Jacob FYI). This looks good on most skin tones and I urge you, go into MAC and smother your face in it. You wont regret it!

MAC Soft and Gentle

What's your highlight of the minute?
highlight swatches
Natural Light swatches, all in order as above.



  1. I think you should try the Cullen look ;) glittering and coppery! Made me giggle!

    Great post and gorgeous highlighters!

    My favourite at the moment is probably the NARS liquid highlighters, they're so lovely!

    Laura xo


  2. Nars Albatross has always remained a favorite. I like Nars Tribulation too. Lorac Twilight I just purchased I think it is a new-ish product. I'm not sure if Tribulation is limited edition or not but I think you can still get it. I also have quite a few MSFs and shimmer bricks.

    Great post, soft and gentle has been on my list a while but I will have to try the Laura Mercier also. In my opinion I can never have enough powder highlighter...love them!


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