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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Laura Mercier Face Polish

Laura Mercier Face Polish

I do like a good scrub, I cant help it. Now I know there is mixed reviews when it comes to exfoliating your face with a scrub, but I personally love the feeling of a freshly exfoliated face just the simple fact that you really have to drench your face in water to get every single bead off makes my skin sing!

I've been using Laura Merciers face polish and I am impressed if I do say so myself, my skin always immediately feels soft and looks rather glowy.
Lauras not really known for her skincare but this exfoliated really is a wonderful thing, it has jojoba beads crushed into it, so you don't get that harsh scratchy feeling and it smells like apricots!

I have fairly sensitive skin, i.e. even water can make my face slightly go red, but I don't find this irritating at all. That being said, if you are fairly sensitive give it a try first. Most Laura Mercier counters will happily give out samples so if you find yourself near a counter, definitely give this one a shout!

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