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Monday, 21 March 2016

Volumising Your Hair Tips

My hair is so straight and lank that sometimes I often cannot be bothered with it. There are days its so 'meh' that the only thing that can be done it to chuck it up in a bun and let it do its thing.
So with that being said I have comprised my tips and tricks for attempting to get hair to defy gravity.

1- One of the best investments I ever made was to invest in a decent hairdryer. I'm currently using the GHD Air dryer and I truly belive it was worth every penny (Review here). A decent hairdryer will not only blow your hair with so much force that it feels like your in a wind tunnel, but it will also cut down drying time, thus saving our fine stands from heat damage.

2- Use a Large barrel brush and just like the hairdressers do, blow dry your hair away from your scalp. Or try the old blowdrying upside down trick!

3- Mousse! Mousse is so underated, it really helps to give your hair volume and hold whilst still being light and not weighing the hair down. The trivk is to use a small amount and work it evenly though the hair. I'm currently using Kerastase K Mousse Bouffante which I find not to be sticky and smells lovely!

4 Try the conditioner before shampooing trend. I use a heavy conditioner as my hair is dry and brittle, But even though it does help to moisturise the hair I do find it also adds weight which is a BIG no no for me. Ive tried conditioning before shampooing and find it does help a bit.

5 Try a volumising shamoo and a moisturising conditioner. I cant use volumising shampoo and conditioner as I find it makes my hair feel super ick and dry. But by juggling them up I get the best of both worlds.Im Mixing and matching Kerastases Bain Volume and Avadas Remody right now.

6- Avoid product overload. It can be so temting to want to apply oils, serums, creams, hairspray etc etc, but I find the more I put in my hair the more weighed down it gets and all my hair work in drying my hair quicky becomes undone.

7- Make sure you rinse rinse rinse! Left in shampoo/conditioner is a cuprit for weighed down lank hair.

8- Last but not least, rollers. Hot or cold rollers will give you great lift at the root making the whole hair appear move va va voom. I always use rollers on a night out and for second day hair. I cannot recommend them enough!


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