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Friday, 1 April 2016

Whats In My Makeup Bag

makeup bag
I haven't done one of these posts in what seems like forever, and to be honest its because I don't change my personal make up very often. I have my staples and I stick to them. Sometimes I may occasionally flirt with with other products but more often then not they don't actually make it to my everyday bag. So here's a little peek and run down of some of my staples that will no doubt be in my collection until the end of time itself.

 Foundation- I'm always on the lookout for a new wonder foundation that gives me instagram filtered skin, and some have come very close to becoming part of my routine, but I continually will go back to Illamasquas skin base foundation. It gives a beautiful medium to full finish and makes me feel like I'm wearing a second base of glowy skin without feeling like a cake face. If you haven't tried this foundation then you really are missing out, I receive the most compliments on my skin when I'm wearing this.

 Concealer - My good old trusty MAC studio finish, at first I didn't like this as I did find it a bit stiff but as long as your under eye is fully hydrated this concealer will conceal the most darkest of under eye bags.

 Eyebrows - I feel like a real lemming saying this, but Anastasia Dip Brow has completely changed my eyebrow game. The wax formula helps to give a real sharpness to my brow which I love and it really does not budge all day. This can be a hard product to work with at first but the key is to use a little and not be to heavy handed.

 So there's a little peak at some of my staples, I don't want to wind a long list off as honestly everything else in my bag I could probably find a replacement for if I had to, but these three things I could not and would not replace even if i wanted to. What is your ultimate make up bag staples?

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  1. Your makeup bag is goals! I need the laura mercier setting powder!! I can't live without my Clarins Skin Illusion foundation! Lovely post xox



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