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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Cooking with Kate


I love the way baking looks in photographs. It gives the skin a flawless look with no creasing and you suddenly have a bone structure that could rival Kim Ks. I, myself, was seduced by this trend as well, I wanted this flawless instagram filtered looking skin, so I baked....
My result was not far off from looking like a highlighted raisin, and feeling like if you dare smile your face may crack.
So if like me you want to achieve the baking look without the dried up effects, then let me give you my version of baking.

Cooking with Kate!

So first of all make sure your eye bags are moisturised, eye cream is a girls best friend. There is nothing more aging and dulling then dry skin. So make sure your nice and moist (Yuk, sorry).

I like to use MACS Prep and Prime lightboost first. This is a yellow toned highlighter, but they come in different shades as well so depending on your colouring underneath your eyes your want to choose appropriately (if you have no idea what I'm talking about click here to find out about how to choose what colour is right for you).
I apply this in the typical triangular way of highlighting and dab in. It is crucial to dab! You don't want to be highlighting the whole of your face (unless of course thats your jam) so just keep it in the specific area with little pats.
I tend to use my finger for this part, but use whatever tickles your fancy.

MAC Studio Finish MAC Prep and Prime Light Boost

Then I apply my concealer (anyone that you want but the consistency has to be decent, a wishy washy concealer will cover nada) directly onto the eye bag. We are not drawing another triangle here, thats going to be to much and make us look cakey, just focus directly on your eye bag, and that little bit of skin next to your tear duct.
Dab Dab Dab.

Once thats done, and your feeling like you've upgraded your eye bags from Primani to Armani, we can go about setting all your hard work.
I don't recommend using any old powder for this, as most face setting powders have big particles that are designed to help keep oil in check as well as setting. I use Laura Mercier Secret Setting powder which is especially designed for the undereye area. It helps to set and brighten and because its designed for under the eyes, it has teeny tiny particles that wont dry out the find skin. YAY.
I use a little bit of this under my eye and across the top of my cheekbone.

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder

So there we have it, its less time consuming then baking, its nicer to the eye skin and it doesn't cost as much as you're not putting on half a tub of loose powder every time you do your makeup!



  1. I've never heard of baking before. Your version sounds much better though!

    Corinne x

    1. and a lot kinda to the skin :) x


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