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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Detoxing/ surviving a hangover

I experienced one of the worst hangovers of my life so far last weekend. It felt like someone had tumbled dried my brain, and put fuzzy felt in my mouth. I was in a state. I made the common statement of  'I'm never drinking again' and wasted a entire day struggling to keep food inside me and feeling pretty damn sorry for myself.
Now I know that i'm not alone in saying that I have experienced one of these hangovers, so I thought for the benefit of all of us I would search the internet and ask everyone that I know how to survive  after overindulging (ie getting painstakingly drunk, but we shall call it overindulging before people have this down as a AA blog).

The help is as follows....

Tip One
Get out of bed (HA!). The worst thing you can do is moap about in bed and feel sorry for yourself. Sounds simple but its a lot harder then I thought.

Tip Two 
Drink water, berocca, coconut water or herbal tea. Rehydrate yourself ASAP. The sooner you do this the sooner your dehydration signs will wear off. I find it helps to beg your partner/friend/children to bring you water before you even move out of the bed. Or you can be savvy and have it prepared the night before. For some reason I never do this! 

Tip Three
Work up a sweat. This really is the last thing one ever wants to do when feeling like a donkeys backside but apparently sweating out the toxins helps. You will smell of pure alcohol when it starts seeping out the pores so make sure your prepared for this!
Tip Four
Don't eat the crap food. Yes the cafe or Mac D may be singing your name but I know that you will feel even rougher afterwards. I have been there, and eaten it and got the T-Shirt, its not worth it. Eggs are your best friend here, the protein will help, if you can't face the smell of eggs a protein shake is the next best thing. 

Tip Five 
If all that fails take painkillers, get netflix the laptop and go back to bed with a does of Ryan Reynolds in Just Friends and keep repeating, 'I will never drink again'. Until next time that is.

If you have any amazing hangover remedies please share them down below.



  1. I always go for an iron bru, for some reason it just does the trick! But I always work weekends so always end up with a hangover at work, so I think I have just gotten used to dragging myself up and out!


  2. I couldn't help but giggle at this! I don't drink but the same still applies for food hangovers ha! Lovely post x



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