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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

How to Apply Blusher

Makeup Blushers
Let's talk blush.
Now makeup is quite a personal thing, and what I may do on myself and on others is by no means what you should do on your face. It really is each to your own when it comes to makeup, so you do you and don't let anyone try and tell you different! 
Throughout the years blush has played a major part in makeup, it was bright and bold in the eighties but soft and delicate in the sixties, these days we all seem to be going so overboard on contouring that blusher has almost lost its place. Which is a shame as blush is one of them products that can immediately put the appearance of health back into the skin and instantly gives a more youthful fresh look.

So here are my tips to perfecting blush. 

1 - Do not smile and place the blush on the apples of your cheeks. The tip to smile and place the blush on your cheeks always makes me cringe. When you smile you lift the apple of your cheeks up, when we then relax again the apples come back down. If you apply blush when they are up when you relax them your blush is going to be by your nose. Think about it, makes sense yeah?

2 - Don't put to much product on your brush, this should be a given as its easier to build up then it is to take away but yet I still see people swish their brush around in product ten times and then look horrified when they apply it to their face and look like Aunt Sal, 

3 - Also think of your brush size, you don't want to be using a massive brush as instead of having a pop of colour we will be wearing a slapped cheek. 

4 - I start with applying the blush towards the back of my cheekbone and then sweeping it forward to the apples of my cheeks, this keeps the majority of the colour at the back of the cheek giving the face more dimension. 

5- I always run back over my blusher with my foundation brush/ Beauty Blender so it gives a even more natural appearance to the blush and makes sure there's no tell tale lines.

6 - When it comes to colour, pinks and peaches complement the natural undertones of a fair skin and are a lot more forgiving if your not that confident with application, If you have a darker skin then you can get away with wearing something a lot brighter, you lucky thing, orangey reds and warm tones I think personally look the best. 

So thats it, I love a bit of blush, especially if im feeling abit down or have had one to many wines the night before.... What's Your favorite blusher?


  1. Love these tips! I for one haven't been using blush as much as i'd like too. Bring on summer!xox


    1. Yes! Bring on Summer, even though it was snowing the other day! x

  2. Love these tips! I learnt some of them from a magazine when I was about 14 haha!

    Corinne x

  3. Some great tips there m'dear! I have to agree that it does appear contouring has overshadowed the use of blusher. I personally prefer blusher to contouring and I like doing it eighties style!




    1. Love a eighties style blush, channel that inner Boy George lol x


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