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Friday, 1 April 2016

How to wear Red eyeshadow.

red eyeshadow

Do you avoid red eyeshadows? If you raised your hand and shouted yes then join the majority.
Red is a hard colour to pull off on your lid, but when you achieve it (and you can!) it does look pretty fantastic.

I tend to learn more towards the coppery reds, playing with the brown tones of these colors really help to make reds a lot more wearable. So if you can arm yourself with a copper coloured red we are good to go! 
I always pop a light brown though my crease before I go in with my red, this will help the colour to blend out more seamlessly as we have our brown to blend into. If you go in with just a straight up red lid your end up blending it out so much that your end up hating the look and banishing red eyeshadows again.
red eyeshadow
Next your going to want to put a dark colour on your lash line just to break the red up from your eye otherwise it can leave you looking like you've been smoking special herbs.... 
Load your lashes up, We want loads of mascara because again thats going to help split your colour away from your eyeball. 
And thats it. It really is that simple. As long as you have your transition colour in your crease and a dark colour along your lash line your good to go!  
For the rest of the face I suggest bronzer, wearing such a warm colour on your eyes can make you look a bit drained, so pop a bit of bronze on to bring yourself back to life. 

red eyeshadow

I hope this has helped a little and don't forget to send me your pictures on twitter if you decide to try a red eye look! 

My Favorite red eyeshadows 


  1. I've been stuck in a rut with my eye shadow lately so I'm definitely going to give this look a try. Thanks for the inspiration!


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