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Monday, 11 April 2016

How to wing like a pro

winged liner
Perfect eyeliner is everywhere. Crisp straight lines that leave us wanting to up our eyeliner game. Now you can always do the old tape trick were you place tape down onto the outta corner of your eye, and when you remove it 'Hey Presto!' perfect points. But if you wanna learn how to do your eyeliner without the aid of tape then keep reading!

So here are some of my top tips for helping you get the flicky.

1 - Arm yourself with a decent brush. If you're using a cream/gel liner you're going to need a good brush, I always opp for a smaller haired one as its easier to build the eyeliner up then it is to take it away. Art shops are the best for finding small brushes.

2 - Are you a angled brush person or a straight pointed one? I am a angled person. I like to use the angle as a guide and i find the brush to be more stable. If you can try both out before you but I would suggest to.

3 - There is a few different types of liners that saturate the makeup stores today Cream, gel, cake, liquid, and eye pencils. Lets break these down to try and help find you your perfect product.

Cream/gel - These are pretty much the same thing. They come in little pots, that tend to dry out much quicker then any other liners. The great thing about them though is, the product itself is a lot firmer. Which gives us more control.

Cake Liner - These aren't massively popular anymore but I still believe they hold their own. Cake liners come in small cases that you activate with water. Once made into a paste you do have to work quite quickly with them as they dry and set.

 Liquid - liquids give a great shiny look to the line, and the brushes that come with them are usually quite small so you can get great precision with it, They can be a bit tricker to use though because of that reason.

 Eye Pencil - eye pencils are what they say they are, a pencil for your eyelid. They must be sharp (which can be a little ouchy sometimes depending how hard the pencil is) to give you a sharp line.

winged liner

4 - I always suggest to someone who's not confident with their wings to plot out their line first with a black eyeshadow. the eye shadow will wipe away a lot easier then if you went straight in with your line. A powder won't set but a eyeliner will.

5 - You always want to be lifting your wing up. you can go as big or small as you want but ideally you want it to be lifting your eye up. Start from the corner of your outside eye and trace along as if your eye was extending towards your eyebrow. Don't worry if it goes a little all over the place, you can easily wipe upwards with a cotton bud saturated with makeup remover and that will sort your line out.

5 - You then want to bring this line back on itself to connect back up with your eyelid.

6 - Take your time! Don't rush it. The wing will sense your fear and start doing its own thing.

7 - When it comes to matching up your flicks, don't stress. They will never be identical. our faces are not symmetrical so our eyeliner certainly wont be. Always step back from your mirror and turn your head this and that way, Your be able to see better if you have two wings doing two different things.

I hope this has helped a little, Of course there are different eye shapes that I would happy to go more indepth with if you are struggling. But hopefully these basics will get you started on the right step.
So, Can you wing it?



  1. I'll never get these even! I know that you can't get them exactly right but I've tried before and they looked stupidly uneven!

    Corinne x

  2. haha! Practise makes perfect, or do the tape trick. Sure fire winner every time :) x

  3. What a fab post! I struggle so much with eyeliner, even though I do it everyday. definitely a great post for novices! Gweni xxxx


    1. thanks lovely! I had a bit of a Amy Winehouse liner today lol x


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