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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

MUA Strobe and Glow Review

Guess who has a new highlighter?! ME! I know it is shocking... I can't help myself so it seems.
So here is my review of MUAs Strobe and Glow highlighter kit.

MUA Strobe and Glow review

The casing is a hand held sized case thats made from plastic. The lid is shiny, so that means you are wiping it every time you've picked it up as fingerprints and shine is just no, no, no. Well for me at least! The clasp is a bit weak and mines already broken, which I've heard is a common fault with them. The lid opens up to reveal the powder highlighter and a mirror and then below the powder, which flips up, is the cream highlighter.
Pretty but annoying packaging.

MUA Strobe and Glow review

The product itself is nice. Not amazing, Just nice. The powder highlighter is very subtle, which is lovely but I like to shine (like a diamond).
The cream highlighter underneath though is the complete opposite, its high shine for your face, which I love but when applied both together you get a more subtle middle ground highlight which again is nice.

MUA Strobe and Glow review

The only real issue I have with this palette is for me the cream highlighter is bitty, it doesn't feel so much like a cream texture but more watery and a bit wishy washy.  I have to be really careful putting this on over my makeup for that reason just gently dabbing it on.

I'm not loving this product which is a real shame, I think we are so spoiled for choice with highlighters across the board that this isn't really anything to write home about, save your pennies and pick up a Make Up Revolution one instead.
MUA are kicking it with their liquid lipsticks though so make sure to check out my review here!


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