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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer

Let Me introduce you to my hair, brittle, dry, dull, bleached, colored and unloved. Now that's out of the way let me introduce you to Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, my saviour.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

I'm constantly on the lookout for anything that promises to bring my hair back to life and after overhearing about this on a shoot I knew I would have to have as it may be the only thing that could possibly resurrect my hair.
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer promises to intensively moisturise your hair whilst also giving it elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine,all with added sun protection!.
You apply this to wet hair for as long as possible then you shampoo and condition your hair.
The texture of it is thick and creamy which I love, as I always feel like thick and creamy is doing more for my hair then thin and watery does.
The you style hair as normal and ta da, hair looks and feels moisturised and sleek. Now baring in mind my hair resembles a birds nest and is in pretty bad condition this product really must have super powers, its the superman of the haircare world.
I've been using this once a week (my hair needs it!) and have seen a visible difference in my hair, its still not in tip top condition, but this product has definitely made it more manageable and less stressed. For anyone that just wanted to give their hair  a intensive treatment you could possibly just get away with using this once a week.
This comes in two different versions. the normal and the extreme, in hindsight I should of got the extreme but the normal version seems to be doing just as good of a job.

You can get in all different shapes and sizes Right Here

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