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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Getting Summer Body Ready

Verb - 
1.spend the summer in a particular place

Everyone and their mum are talking about the weather that we are currently experiencing in the UK. It's practically Summer here for us right now!
Naturally when the sun comes out, the clothes come off and are pale bodies are subjected to sunburn and sweat.
This weather has popped up out of the blue for most of us, and I for one am not prepared at all! My legs still have winter fuzz, my limbs are so pale they glow, and my toenails... lets not go there.
I'm massively compliant over the winter months, its to cold and Id much rather be snuggled up on the sofa, with a blanket and book.
So today I'm getting Summer ready!

Gillette Venus

It's quite important to be hair free I believe, I'm a waxer myself as my hair grows at the rate of knots and I don't like the little bumps that shaving can sometimes leave. Waxing lasts a lot longer then any other hair removal I've tried and I cannot recommend it enough. But if I haven't had time to wax and I will shave using my Gillette Venus Swirl Razor, which is hands down the best razor I think I have used yet!

This step is so important. Its helps to remove all those dull skin cells and gives you a immediate glow. I either use just my cheap exfoliating gloves from Primark with a shower gel, or a body scrub.
I love using Soap and Glorys Sugar Crush  from Boots, This smells beautiful! The lime in it is so refreshing, and the brown sugar in it is not at all harsh on your skin at all.
Or I use my own homemade coffee scrub which leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and my bank balance looking healthy.
On the dryer areas of my body (ie my legs) I sometimes even use these both together.

clinique and garnier

Well this ones a bit of a given, especially if you have shaved and exfoliated. Bare in mind if you're going to fake tan though, you may want to use something without any oil in. The oil will prevent the tan from sticking.
I use Laura Mercier body souffle, these smell delicious! I concentrate these more on the harder areas, heels, knees, elbows.
To maintain my tan or if I want something a little bit more intensive I love Garnier Body repair cream  which is one of the most hydrating moisturisers I think I have ever used or if I want something a bit more luxe I use Clarins Tonic Body Balm which smells like happiness!

bondi sands

I have to fake tan, there is no way around it if I want a glow. I'm naturally lily white, and the Irish blood in me, means that the sun only has to wink at me to burn me and bring all my freckles out. The tan i'm currently using is Bondi Sands, which i'm not going to bang on to much about it as I did a full review of this already, which you can find here.

Right I'm off to do all this now! Whats your steps for getting Summer body ready?

I stand in awe of my body.
Henry David Thoreau



  1. I am so awful for not moisturising and not using body scrubs, such a nightmare. And I am always way too scared of fake tan, I need to be a better girl lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Haha, no you dont! It sometimes feels like a bit of a chore to me too. x

  2. I exfoliate like a mofo in Summer, too afraid my tan will result in a patchy mess!

    So bad at moisturising though, haha! I've not tried the Laura Mercier soufflé, I've had a sniff in Selfridges but my GOD, the price! Eeeek.


    1. Yes the price is a bit off putting! They go on my christmas/birthday lists. xx

  3. I use a scrub twice a week cause my skin needs it so much! I don't usually use a fake tan, I live in Cyprus and by the end of June I will be flashing a nice healthy tan on my legs and body! I am using lots of body butters though, moisturizing is so important!


    1. oh lucky you!!! I dont tan naturally, I would go bright red if I tried haha xx

  4. I've saw this tanning brand all over the Instagram and the results seems to be pretty good - have to try it out :)
    When it comes to shaving I am thinking about get an epilator instead so I don't have to shave every day in summer time to have smooth legs :)

    1. ouchh!! haha, wish I was brave enough to use a epilator!
      Bondi Sands is really good! Let me know what you think! xx

  5. Great tips, Always good to have a good scrub shave and tan in the summer. Gemma x

  6. Great read.. I tend to exfoliate quite a lot as well

    Take care doll! Kisses,

  7. The thing I'm worst at is moisturising! I just hate doing it even though I know I should.

    Corinne x

    1. It can be a bit of a pain, hence why I treat myself to a luxury one. Im more inclined to use it then xx

  8. The Soap and Glory Sugar Crush sound superb. You can't go wrong some good exfoliation. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. It is! I do love a good scrub haha xx


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