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Monday, 3 October 2016

Five Makeup Hacks


1 - How to make any lipstick long lasting

1) It's always a good start to first line and fill in the lips with your lipsticks corresponding lip liner. This will give great base for your lipstick and by layering colour instead of putting on one thick coat of lipstick will mean that when your lipstick starts to fade it should leave a nice stain on your lips instead of the dreaded lipstick lip line...

2) Apply your lipstick with a lip brush if you can, this will again insure your not putting on to much lipstick and will prevent it from slipping off of your lips.

3) Blot. 
I know it's terribly old school but those ladies blotted their lips for good reason. Blotting is so simple, you just take a piece of tissue and press your lips against it. This will take off any excess lipstick and also gives us a good base to put on our second coat of lipstick.

4) So with that being said, apply your second coat of lipstick with the lip brush.

5) After this is done take another piece of tissue and and pull it apart, so it's not as thick. Most tissue pieces are actually two pieces stuck together. You then want to find some translucent powder and a brush. Take your thin piece of tissue and hold it against your lips, then load up your powder brush with powder and press it against the tissue on your lips.
The powder will seep through the tissue and onto your lipstick thus making it last longer but not making your lips feel tight or matte.

2 - Less is more

Applying a lot of anything will most likely have the opposite effect you're after, Let's take foundation for example. The more you have on your skin the more likely it is to move around, Your own skin is producing oils if that be a lot or a small amount but I'm sure you know, and if you have a thick layer of foundation on to begin with this oil is now going to get involved with the foundation, moving it around and making it patchy.
If we use less foundation to begin with this gives the oils less playtime on the skin, making your foundation actually last longer.

3 - Fuller looking Lips 

1) Always use a sharp lip pencil, this will give you more control and definition

2) Start from the corner of your mouth and in small strokes follow your natural line up. Always draw up as you want to raise the lip up not drag it down.

3) Don't draw in a harsh cupid's bow. Not only can this look a little draggy if you dont have a naturally defined one, but you can cheat a fuller looking lip but keeping the cupids bow more soft.

4 - Loose Powder

When applying loose powder to set and mattify your base try pushing it into the skin with a powder puff. By pushing the powder into the skin, you're marrying the powder and the foundation to the skin and also not giving the foundation a chance to be moved around by the powder brush.

5 - Glitter

You can remove them pesky stray glitter particles with a clean mascara wand/spoolie and a flick of the wrist. It really is that simple and works like a charm. The bristles on the wand pick the glitter up easily so you dont have to watch the constant disco ball out of the side of your eye.



  1. Blotting your lipstick is a life saver. When I do that I notice such a difference in the wear of my lip colour.


  2. Some great tips there, lovey!

    I do need to invest in a powder puff, I feel a powder brush results in more powder going up my nose as opposed to it sitting on my skin, ha!

    Agree on less is more. I used to whack a load of foundation on back in the day *shudders*



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