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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Tanning Your Face With Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops

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Crystal Clear Skincare Beach Glow Tan Drops, do everything you want them to do when it comes to facial tanning.
Their subtle, Streak-free and they give a glorious 'natural' glow to the skin.
You know the 'I've been eating my ten a day and never drinking all the wine, and I religiously remover every scrap of makeup thats on my face before bed because I'm a good girl' kinda skin.

Something I'am definitly not familiar with LOL.

The biggest selling point of this serum, is the fact you can pop it into your existing skincare routine; you simply just add a few drops into your usual face cream/night cream and Bob's your uncle, you've upgraded your existing moisturiser into a facial tanner, without upsetting your skin.

Go you!

By adding just two to three drops of this serum to your chosen moisturiser, your achieve a lovely skin kissed glow or, if like myself your not afraid of looking like Dale Winston you can add a few more drops to give you a full on 'Ive spent a week in the Maldives'.

The serum leaves behind no fake tan smell, or stickiness, so I've been applying it in the morning (Fake tan + pillow cases = No No.) underneath my makeup, then when it comes to the end of the day, and I remove my makeup my skin looks all fresh and glowy. Meaning that I dont need to wear as much foundation the next day and can pretend I'am naturally this blessed.

I have a normal to dry skin, and usually if I apply a fake tan to my face it sucks the life out of my skin, and I tend to look more prune like then  radiant goddess. This serum however, actually helps to moisturise my face, leaving no tight feeling at all, only soft supple skin. 
You can grab your glow tan drops from Marks and Sparks (Spencers) or online at the Crystal Clear website here.

*No more looking like a floating head for Kate!

*You know, when your face doesn't match the colour of your body and it looks like a separate entity? When your body's a NC40 and your face is  a NW15. That is what I call, floating head. Ok... Its not actually a floating head.. Ill stop now.

This is  PR sample, but all thoughts, feelings, words etc etc are my own.


  1. I've never heard of this before, but what a cool idea! So need to try this out!


  2. Very cool, I love it!! Enjoy the day doll!

    Mary María Style

  3. This sounds amazing!!! Love it :)


  4. This idea seems pretty revolutionary; it amazes me how something crystal clear can tan you! x Obviously, given the fact that I'm mixed raced, I probably won't need this but I really enjoyed reading about it all the same Kate! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

  5. Sounds like a lovely serum, hun! I don't use any self-tanners, personally I am a little afraid of them as a) my skin is super sensitive b) I am very pale so I am worried that a self-tanner would be too much for me. I like the sound of this method, it does seem pretty revolutionary! :) Thank you for sharing this lovely and informative review. <3 xoxo


    1. I know exactly how you feel! Im naturally very fair also, and tanning can be a little be scary! x

  6. I've not heard the concept of tanning like this before, but it sounds really interesting. I'm always too scared to fake tan my face in case it goes wrong!
    Amy xx

    1. Haha, i was scared for a while as well, applying it with a buffing brush can really help! x

  7. Floating head! HAHAHA! You actually see lots of that back in Malaysia but very fair face and the rest of the body tan. This sounds like a very unique product, never seen one like it before.

    1. haha! Glad its not just me that sees this! x

  8. Sounds amazing! xx


  9. This sounds amazing, I struggle with tanning my face and this sounds like a great alternative!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡


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