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Friday, 17 March 2017

Unrealistic Expectations

I have always been complimented on my skin. Working on a makeup counter meant I always had customers asking me to make their skin look like my skin. 

It's a real compliment. 

Due to good genetics and a solid skincare routine, I've never had to many issues which my skin. Its fairly even and with the amount of highlight I pack on. it always looks dewy despite it being on the slightly drier side. 

However, I have some slightly bigger pores around my nose area, two small scars from nose piercings, and I get the odd random period spot that tends to either locate itself in the middle of my eyebrows, or it creates its own civilization on my chin. 
Not Edited

And I'm totally fine with this.
 Its normal. 

I have worked on young girls to mature ladies and nine times out of ten they want flawless skin. 
Who doesn't!
 Although now I get presented with pictures of how they want their skin to look. Usually Instagram or pinterest images of stunningly beautiful girls with skin to make the angels cry.

Stunningly beautiful smoothed and blurred perfected skin. 

My clients dont know this, nor do I expect them too!
 But how do you tell your fourteen year old client that her idolised beauty guru does not achieve her perfect skin though the art of her makeup application skills, or a certain product that the said beauty guru has raved about.

 But yet though filters applied so cleverly that is even hard for a professional to see. 

I see so much of this on Instagram  its a little heartbreaking.

Remember those ads that use to not disclose using lash inserts on their new 'Super Lash' mascara? How everyone protested it was false advertisement and dishonest of the brand?
slightly edited makeup
Now we, that very same public, are no better. 

There will always be magazines over editing models, I dont doubt anything will ever change that. 
But should we be following suit? 
Editing is a skill, and if you can photoshop yourself into looking like the next Gisele, be proud of it! No amount of editing will ever do that for me. 

But if you are photographing yourself to show off your new amazing foundation, then applying the smooth filter over the top and a touch of blur around here, and not disclosing it. 
Then you are no better then any magazine that has stretched their model because they dont like her hips being curvier than a stick.  

The bar that we are setting for ourselves has become so unrealistic, that its no wonder why we see these young girls, with a face full of makeup. 

The law now says #ad must be disclosed. Maybe its time for #filter to be too. 




  1. This was such a good read! I totally agree that it is so wrong to be advertising a foundation and then edit the end results with a filter it's not right!xx


    1. such a shame that the people that do it dont see it that way. x

  2. Those unrealistic beauty standards of the advertisements are annoying. They should just share the unedited photos of the models, but instead they share heavily edited photos and give false hopes to the customers. We should learn to love ourselves and accept our flaws, it makes us special! Great post!

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. exactly! The false hope is what really gets my goat x

  3. Very true post, so many filtered pictures nowadays x
    A Blushing Beauty Blog

  4. Thank you for writing about this and gosh, I wish more people will speak up and create awareness about this too. I work as a beauty advisor and I have young girls age 13-14 asking for the fullest coverage foundation so they can have flawless skin. It's heartbreaking and when I gently tell them that they have beautiful skin, they insisted that they need the fullest coverage. Sigh... :-( This is one of the main reasons why I don't edit my pictures much and definitely don't use Photoshop or filters.

    ps: You look amazing naturally and your skin is beautiful!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank You so much Shireen! I dont think people quite understand what expectations they are setting for the impressionable youth today. Heres hoping that in the future we see more honesty xx


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