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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Beauty Shopping With Ideal World TV

Have you ever been scrolling though your 10000000 of TV channels on a late Sunday afternoon and suddenly finger stumbled across a TV shopping channel?
I have plenty of times. 
 Each and every time I have been  hooked, lined and sinkered in. 
Before I know it my fingers are no longer hovering between the up and down buttons of the remote, but are now on their way to dialing numbers on my mobile, whilst also reaching for my debit card.
Multi tasking at its finest.
TV shopping is having the luxury of a extremely knowledgable sales assistant, yet without the peer pressure of buying. You can simply turn them off instead of feeling like you have to buy the five eyeshadows, green eyeliner, pink lipstick and heavily musk scented perfume, that the sales assistant has not only talked to you about for approximately forty minutes when all you wanted was a browse and a swatch. BUT has also applied them all to yours truly and is now gazing at you intently/willingly with pound signs in her eyes. 

(No offense to sales assistants, I have been in you shoes myself and know all about dreaded targets, KPIs and link selling.)

Ideal World TV shopping have their very own dedicated beauty segments throughout the day on their TV channel, which sell everything from hair care to makeup, making for some addictive viewing.
This new little guilty pleasure of mine stocks some great brands, from Estee Lauder to Crystal Clear (remember the great little face tan I have raved about? The brand is stocked here too!).
I have been very kindly gifted a bunch of their new products, which I'm slowly but surly testing, (so keep a eye out for some upcoming skincare reviews!) but after having a scroll though the Ideal World beauty section of the website, I can already see a few things that im going to be keeping a eye out for on the channel.
I really have no reason to ever leave my armchair.
Joking..... *ahem*
Ideal World Beauty Estee Lauder

Ideal World Beauty Ccollangenesis

Ideal World Beauty Crystal Clear

Ideal World Beauty Elizabeth Grant

Ideal World Beauty Elizabeth Grant

Ideal World Fabulift

Ideal World Beauty Skinn Cosmetics

Ideal World Beauty Elizabeth Grant

Ideal World Beauty Steve Whatley

*All the above products can be found on the Ideal World Beauty website  which were gifted to me courtesy of the very nice people at Ideal World TV. This post is not sponsored. 
I really do shop from my armchair. #noshame


  1. LOL, you are too funny! I haven't done any TV shopping, but it sounds relaxing. That lipstick is the perfect color!

    xx www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  2. Hi dear :D
    All products sounds fabulous!!! I need to try :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  3. I haven't done any TV shopping, but my Nan is obsessed with QVC, and always tells me when something good is on there! These products look fab!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

  4. These products look so interesting, especially the lip and laugh line eraser, I've never used anything like that before and the packaging is so cute! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you're having a great day so far!



  5. I have never ever done any TV shopping but maybe the ones that I've ever seen are bunch of crappy homewares and dodgy slimming pills.

  6. I can see the advantage of TB shopping as you can look at all the different products in great detail. Thanks for sharing

  7. all of these products look fabulous!
    style frontier

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  9. i want to try the night concentrate, gorgeous packaging
    new review on my blog How to Buy Your Favorite Accessories on a Budget
    have an happy day, kisses

  10. So many good and interesting products!!!
    I'd like to try many of them! :D

  11. Although, I am not really a televison shopper my mum and sister have many times before. Looks like lovely products, I can't stop looking at that lipstick. x/Madison

  12. Haha I really loved the #noshame at the end there, I've actually never tried TV shopping before, it sounds dangerous to me, I like to shop a little too much.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  13. Hi, wowwwwww! I haven't done any TV shopping yet, would love to try though.......
    Thank you for sharing x x x

  14. This is why I never browse the tv, much too expensive. Signing up for the QVC beauty newsletter has been very dangerous already. But I agree, there are so many great brands to be found there. #noshame for sure.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  15. I have never done TV shopping, that said, when I am in the gym I sometimes find myself watching it and find it mesmerising. It is good to know that you can buy good products that way in a very relaxing way too :-)


  16. Sometimes when I don't find anything to watch and just flipping through channels, I stumble upon shopping TV channels. I find their segments interesting, some were funny while some were just... let's just really interesting, but I never tried shopping from them before. In my country, they don't really sell stuff like those. It's always exercise equipment and kitchen appliances.

    Alyssa // STYLE VANITY // INSTAGRAM ❤️

  17. Nice products! I don't see products like these on TV shopping channels!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | Diy & Lifestyle Blog

  18. Oh my gosh the Night Concentrate and gel liner look fantastic! Great post xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. The night concentrate is proving to be quite nice! x

  19. I love discovering new products + ways to shop! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. I hope youve found another new way then! x

  20. I've never bought anything from the TV shopping channels but I know some people love them and get lots of things they love from there x


  21. Loving the lipsticks!! Gorgeous :)


  22. OMG! I've never done TV Shopping. haha! Well, such a nice post. Yay!

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com/


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