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Sunday, 9 April 2017


This month, Essential.com have a third off ALL of their French Pharmacy brands. 
As a French skincare lover this is music to my ears. I meant to mention this a few days ago, as we are now 9 days into April, but after ordering a eye watering sum amount of skincare, I wasn't sure enabling other people to do the same, would be the right thing to do... I may have to put a disclaimer somewhere about reading this post at your own risk! 

Over all the brands that are found at the Pharmacie in France are generally quite affordable with basic packaging yet they provide brilliant skincare for all your needs. There’s usually an answer for just about every skin complaint, so if you do have particularly problematic skin perhaps looking into French skincare might just be the thing for you.
So I thought I’d do a quick run-through of my favourite and most-used French Pharmacy products for yourselfs. 

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré RRP £20 currently £13.33

The moisturiser that every makeup artist and their mother has in their kit. This simple moisturiser isn't going to break any skincare boundaries, but if you want a nice basic moisturiser thats going to do its job well, then this is your fella. I consistently come back to this moisturiser time and time again. 

Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Micelle Solution (formerly Crealine) RRP £10.80 currently £7.20

The original micellar water. This cult classic paved the way for how many people remove their makeup today and in my opinion, is still the best micellar water that is out there. I dont tend to remove the whole of my makeup with just this, but I always keep the smaller bottle in my makeup bag, for a quick mascara smudge cleanup. Or for when ive had one to many jars, and cannot be bothered to get to the sink. 

La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray RRP £8.50 currently £5.66

This is a bloody brilliant little spray. I use it as a  toner after cleansing, or as a refreshing mist throughout the day in hot weather or when I’ve been sat at my desk and even after I've applied my face powder, to take the 'powdery' effect away.
I have noticed the overall tone of my skin appears more even when ive been using this.  Definitely one for your skincare stash.

Let me know what your own French Pharmacy favourites are!



  1. I also love Bioderma micellar water, but that la Roche-Posay sounds pretty amazing. :)

    Michelle Morchella

  2. I want to try the Micelle solution!! :)


    1. Best to try it now why its on a discount! x

  3. I really want to try the serozinc spray! I always hear amazing things about it, but I've never seen it around here in the states.

    Nida | Caked to the Nines

    1. Aahhh thats a shame! It took forever to come out in the UK! x


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