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Friday, 7 July 2017

Ouai Morning After Kit

Ouai Morning After Kit

The Morning After... I like to assume we've all been there at some point right? You awaken from your wild night out, last nights kebab chips still sharing the bed with you, your drunken attempt to remove clothing which is evident all over the floor like a breadcrumb trail to your hangover doom. 
The brand new shoes that were bought especially for last night ruined with what can only be described as black crap from god knows where all scuffed up the sides. 
And before you can even take a glimpse of your face, (which you know by this point is going to be smeared in makeup because even though you had the best intentions of removing it, your bed just felt sooo comfy and your hands were to busy ramming chips in you your mouth and then it all goes blank from there) you smell an ashtray. 
A ashtray stench protruding from your head courtesy of the jackass that still thought smoking was cool.
 Smoke and club scent have oozed into every single strand of your hair and it is rank.
Birdsnest from hel. 

Hello The Morning After! 

Your quick lazy girl fix to ridding yourself of the night before. I certainly could of done with this little set back in my party years, but at my point of life its taking up a much needed spot in my gym bag.
Bye bye sweat hair! 

Ouai Morning After Kit

Dry Shampoo Foam

I remember using one of these when they first launched a few years ago from a brand that I won't name and it was utter crap. A few years later, and Ouai have released their version which is a hella a lot nicer and a hella lot more pricier. 
However, it does smell pretty amazing though, and if you rub it though your scalp then give a quick blast from the hairdryer, the results are something Jordan AKA Katie Price would be proud of. 
Big, beautiful smelling hair. 

Rose Hair And Body Oil

I wish I could smother my entire body in this oil, its that glorious. It smells like proper roses, not cheap synthetic rose thats simply offending to the nostrils, and its so light weight that it disappears after a few rubs, leaving behind a healthy looking sheen and a scent that would attract honey bees from the next town. 

Finishing Cream 

I have no idea what finishing creams are meant to do. None. I usually apply to much and end up looking like a grease monkey. This product is no exception. I think this may be more for the ladies with thicker hair, as my fine, limp, lank hair immediately passes out from the weight.
Its definitly me using this product wrong I dont doubt. But if anyone has any tips on how to use a finishing cream properly, I would love your forever,

This little set is Limited edition so make sure to check it out while stocks last! 

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  1. This kit sounds awesome! I so want to try some products from this brand, I've heard so many great things xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

  2. The dry shampoo sounds great. I've tried a few different brands but never find one that I'm really happy with x


  3. LOL on the finishing cream making you look like a grease monkey. Ha!! I haven't heard of this brand before. The oil sounds like something to try. I'm yet to give dry shampoo a try as well. About time! Ha!
    Happy weekend beautiful. :-)


  4. I definitely need to pick this up! I've been meaning to try more from the brand & this set sounds perfect!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge


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