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Sunday, 26 November 2017

The Morning Workout routine

Working out and a nine to five do not tend to go hand in hand. 
Trying to get any speck of motivation after a long hard day at the office is about as likey as Tom Hardy finally realising his undying love for me.
Not completely inpossible (PAH!) but most likey not to happen.
So todays all about me sharing my top tps with you, and how to haul your bitt outta bed.

under armour

No.1 – Prep to Rep

Having your workout gear ready and waiting for you when you rise is essential. Its really all about organised timings when it comes to working out in the mornings, and any part of your getting to the gym routine that can be done the night before will really help to shave down those minutes. 

Gym Bag
Work bag

Prep untill you cannot prep anymore, then your ready!

No. 2 – The Early Bird Catchs the Protein Shake

I know how inviting your bed is when its cold and dark outside, but getting up when the little birds are singing their morning delights is a routine that eventually your be gratful for.
Just make sure you dont have a alarm colock that you dread the sound of though!

2 - Pump Yo-self Up

Funny how we can be at our most tiredess just after weve had a full nights kip.
 I for one always find it a bit of a struggle to motivate myself to open the front door and confront the elements of the morning.
So do what you need to do, to hurl yourself out the front door, wether thats having a strong coffee, or doing ten jumping jacks. Once your ready and raring to go, the outside world wont seem quite as unappealing. 

under armour

4 - Be Smug

Youve earned it! 
Whilst most are snoozing the morning away, youve been preductive and now no longer have to dread hitting the gym after work, or feeling guilty about eating that three oclockc biscuit.  
It really does only take you a few weeks to get your body into the habit of waking early, and you really will be forever gratful for it.

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  1. Great post. I need to up my fitness game majorly. This is definitely giving me motivation and inspo.



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